Ruth Pollard

Ruth Pollard

Ruth Pollard is the Middle East Correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Her job takes her throughout the Middle East and North Africa, reporting on the Arab revolutions from Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Tunisia and on the conflict in Israel and Palestine.

An unsteady peace in Gaza

Ruth Pollard, Middle East Correspondent The ceasefire in Gaza is just four days old but already the clock is ticking toward the next outbreak of war.

Israeli attack follows collapse of Gaza ceasefire and reported capture of Hadar Goldin

Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, who was reportedly captured by Hamas militants on Friday.

Ruth Pollard Israel’s response to the possibility that militants in Gaza had captured one of its soldiers soon after a 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire came into force was swift and deadly.

Israeli troops being redeployed, not withdrawn from Gaza: Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to the media during a press conference in Tel Aviv on Saturday.

Ruth Pollard Israeli tanks appeared to be pulling back from a number of border towns around Gaza, as its military continued an intensive bombardment of the southern city of Rafah after one of its soldiers went...

25 killed as Israel prepares for ground assault

A Palestinian boy carries his belongings as he walks past the rubble of his family's house in Gaza City, which police said was destroyed in an Israeli air strike on Wednesday.

Ruth Pollard Aerial and naval bombardment of Gaza intensifies as Hamas fires rockets at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

No balm in sight for the broken land of Gaza

Relatives of a man reportedly killed by an Israeli air strike grieve at Gaza's Shifa Hospital.

Ruth Pollard The supply cupboard is almost bare at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital, but there is death and chaos all around.

Palestinians hope Pope's visit can help bring change

Members of the Palestinian presidential guard.

Ruth Pollard Among the olive trees and ancient terraces, the faithful of the Cremisan Valley held mass on Friday to pray that Israel would not go ahead with plans to extend its giant, concrete security wall...

Ariel Sharon dies after 8 years in a coma

Ariel Sharon had been in a coma since 2005.

Ruth Pollard Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has died aged 85 after spending eight years in a coma following a stroke.

Finally, Gaza PhD student gets her new beginning in Australia

Ruth Pollard It is a new beginning that almost didn't happen. When Sameeha Elwan was awarded a scholarship in November to study her PhD in Australia, her main worry was whether she would ever be allowed to leave...

Chaos in Gaza as Israel steps up bombardment

Mixed answers on ceasefire in Gaza  (Thumbnail)

Ruth Pollard Israel intensified its attacks on the Gaza Strip in the hours before an expected ceasefire announcement, pounding multiple targets in Gaza City and dropping leaflets telling residents in key areas to...

Israelis back discrimination against Arabs: poll

Israeli flag

Ruth Pollard JERUSALEM: Most Jewish citizens of Israel support discrimination against Palestinians, a new poll has found, with 69 per cent advocating preference for Jews over Arabs in government jobs and 74 per...

Fears Netanyahu's plan to unite right-wing parties could backfire

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, right, and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman shake hands.

Ruth Pollard JERUSALEM: United in ''mutual distrust'', the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, forged ahead with plans to merge the lists of their right-wing...

War fears as Israel kills Hamas commander


Ruth Pollard Israel appears set on a course of open war on Gaza, with bombing continuing and ground forces on stand-by following its assassination of the leader of the Hamas military wing.

Israelis move closer to ground attack

A wounded Hamas policeman.

Ruth Pollard Israel launched an air strike on the office of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Saturday, destroying the building.

Ruth Pollard

Hamas leader's office hit

A Palestinian looks outside.

Ruth Pollard Israel has continued its aerial bombardment of Gaza with a direct strike on the office of the Hamas Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh, who is not believed to have been in the building in the Nasser...

Ruth Pollard

Bombing continues day and night

Ruth Pollard in Jabal Akrad, northern Syria

Ruth Pollard The early morning call to prayer had just sounded, a melodic voice drifting across the darkness after another night of bombardment from Israeli air strikes.

Ruth Pollard

Conflict prepares to head for the brink

Ruth Pollard As the strategic realignment of Middle Eastern powers circles around the old Israeli-Palestinian conflict, now playing out with renewed ferocity in Gaza and southern Israel, it is unclear what, if...

Toll mounts as children killed in Gaza raids


Ruth Pollard GAZA CITY: Covered in blood and dust and wrapped carefully in white cloth, the bodies of four young children lay next to each other, two to a drawer, in the morgue of Gaza's largest hospital.

We can talk, but we're far from beaten: Gaza militants

Masked Palestinian militants from the Al Nasser Brigades,

Ruth Pollard Gaza City: Gaza's smaller militant groups say they are ready to back a Hamas- and Islamic Jihad-endorsed truce with Israel, at the same time warning that six days of shelling and air strikes had...

'Hamas speaks for all' - militants back talks for truce

Ruth Pollard GAZA CITY: Gaza's smaller militant groups are ready to back a Hamas and Islamic Jihad-endorsed truce with Israel, but warn that six days of shelling and air strikes have barely made a dent in their...

'Calm must return': truce agreed after bloody Gaza conflict


Ruth Pollard A deal to end the bloody eight-day conflict in Gaza and Israel has been announced in Egypt overnight and took effect at 9pm local time (6am AEST.)