Courting trouble: where does Obama stand on gay marriage?

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As I write this the President is nowhere near North Carolina, which would not normally be news, except that the President had said he was going to be in North Carolina today.

North Carolinian polling booths are closing after a primary election in which voters are also expected to vote for a law banning not only gay marriage, but also civil unions. The proposed law is far more radical than others introduced across the South in recent years.

President Obama issued a statement of opposition some weeks ago, but the economic speech he was to have given in the state today disappeared from his schedule last week.

This suggests that his campaign knew gay marriage was a difficult issue before the Vice President, Joe Biden, inadvertently dumped the President in it on Sunday by offering his clear, unequivocal and eloquent for support for gay marriage in a TV interview.

The following day the President’s spokesman blustered heroically when was asked time and time again if he supported gay marriage.

“The President’s position is well known… it is not changed … I can’t update you on the President’s position…” And, best of all, “The President’s position is evolving,”


It seems while many of the President’s best friends may be gay, he is not going to be showing up at their weddings six months out of a narrow election.

It was left to Bill Clinton to champion the Democrat’s opposition to the bill, which is interesting in itself since it was President Clinton who sold out his gay supports in 1996 by signing the Defense of Marriage Act. (I know, Bill Clinton defending marriage.)

And in the 2004 presidential election the Republican strategist Karl Rove worked to bundle anti-gay marriage laws onto ballots in 13 states, boosting voter turnout by four per cent, a move some say won Iowa – and thus the presidency – for George W Bush

You can bet that where ever the President is right now, he has some staff working out just what an "evolved position" looks like.

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