John Garnaut

John Garnaut

John Garnaut is Fairfax Media's Asia Pacific editor. Most recently he was China correspondent. John graduated in law and arts from Monash University and worked for three years as a commercial lawyer at Melbourne firm Hall & Wilcox before joining the Sydney Morning Herald as a cadet in 2002. He became the Economics Correspondent in the Canberra press gallery and in 2007 was posted to Beijing.

Court blocks media from China bribery trial

John Garnaut, Guangzhou A court in China this morning barred all media from covering the controversial trial of Australian entrepreneur Matthew Ng, despite repeated pledges of open proceedings.

Bo can do! One man does his bit to be the great will of China

Chinese politician Bo Xilai.

John Garnaut Wang Li started feeling edgy when her mother was not home by tea time. She called her mobile phone, the voice on the other end sounded calm and reassuring, but even so, she jumped in her car and sped...

Crises everywhere, but one to watch is China ... and its pork prices

John Garnaut dinkus

John Garnaut AUSTRALIA'S financial traders have responded to the market bloodshed in the United States and Europe, but their eyes will soon revert to China, the resource-hungry giant upon which Australia's...

Plea for Ng heralds new charges as case complicates China relations

Matthew Ng and Niki Chow.

John Garnaut GUANGZHOU city authorities have levelled new charges against the Australian tourism executive Matthew Ng, as the Trade Minister, Craig Emerson, prepares to lead 100 Australian businessmen on a tour...

Chinese documentary raises the flag for freedom

Yang Weidong.

John Garnaut It is a work in progress, but the 20-minute documentary film that artist Yang Weidong released in Hong Kong yesterday has already produced some definite results.

Power to China's press, as long as party's in charge

Li DongDong.

John Garnaut, Beijing LI DONGDONG ultimately controls 2000 different newspapers, 10,000 magazines and 300,000 book titles, and she can access a seemingly limitless taxpayer-funded budget. But she's far from satisfied.

Chinese publishers ready to tap global market

Ten-year mission ... Li Dongdong with her editor father, Li Zhuang.

John Garnaut BEIJING: Li Dongdong ultimately controls 2000 different newspapers, 10,000 magazines, 300,000 book titles and she can access a seemingly limitless taxpayer-funded budget. But she's far from satisfied.

Ex-jailed billionaire challenges China's party machine

Unprecedented ... citizen Cao Tian wants to stand for mayor.

John Garnaut BEIJING: Cao Tian rode China's democracy wave in 1989 until, like thousands of others, it swept him into jail.

Chinese billionaire courts democracy

Cao Tian.

John Garnaut, Beijing A wealthy businessman and private citizen standing for mayor might not seem a big issue in the West, but in China it is a different matter.

The former party man who fears another Tiananmen

A blood-covered protester holds a soldier's helmet following clashes on Tiananmen Square in Beijing in this June 4, 1989 file photo.

John Garnaut BEIJING: Ho Pin was an up-and-coming reporter within the Communist Party's security apparatus when he watched the Tiananmen protests pan out beneath him in 1989, from the 15th floor of the Beijing...

Chinese urged to put war on pedestal

General Liu Yuan.

John Garnaut Beijing A RISING star of the People's Liberation Army has called for China to rediscover its ''military culture'', while challenging unnamed Communist Party leaders for betraying their revolutionary heritage.

Let's fly the red flag again, says general

The good old days ... mao Zedong shakes hands while the young Liu Yuan (immediately right of Mao) looks on, which his parents and sisters.

John Garnaut BEIJING: A Chinese general has issued a clarion call for the true heirs of the communist revolution to rediscover their fighting spirit and reinvent a rationale for their existence.

Beijing envoy's veiled dig at Rudd


John Garnaut AUSTRALIA'S ambassador to Beijing has slammed the lack of China literacy inside Australia's corridors of power, while reserving his most stinging rebuke for those who speak Chinese but "do not...

Subversive poet of the dark side stares down the regime

John Garnaut Author Liao Yiwu says he doesn't know why the Chinese Communist Party blocked him from leaving China to attend next week's Sydney Writers' Festival.

Economic ties ease tensions with China

Julia Gillard

John Garnaut BEIJING: The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has emerged from top-level talks to declare ''the relationship with China is in good shape'', despite pushing Australia's concerns about businessmen...

Beijing demands Gillard's respect

Julia Gillard

John Garnaut CHINA has urged the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, to study its ''tremendous progress on human rights'' and ''show basic respect'' as she begins her most testing outing on the international stage.

North Korea knocks, but no one is willing to answer

Julia Gillard

John Garnaut THE Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has hardened her uncompromising position on North Korea's nuclear program, at a time when diplomats say the isolated regime is reaching out to talk.

Gillard holds little hope for change in N Korea


John Garnaut JULIA GILLARD said North Korea would stick to its aggressive brinkmanship and nuclear weapons programs as she detailed ambitious new defence links with Japan and prepared to fly to Seoul.

Gillard's defensive talk adds to China tensions


John Garnaut Tokyo THE Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has moved to strengthen defence ties with Japan and will seek to elevate links with South Korea, adding to China's unease about new US-anchored security networks...

China sends its Tibetan specialist to drum up trade opportunities


John Garnaut CHINA'S fourth-ranked leader, Jia Qinglin, will arrive in Perth tonight in the midst of the Communist Party's toughest crackdown on civil society in more than a decade.