Nick O'Malley

Nick O'Malley

Nick O'Malley is the United States correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

George W Bush more popular than Barack Obama: poll

Nick O'Malley Former US president George W. Bush is now more popular than his successor Barack Obama, according to a CNN/ORC poll.

How the US would likely prosecute resigned FIFA president Sepp Blatter

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has announced his resignation.

Nick O'Malley When Ron Fischetti, one of New York's best-known trial lawyers, read the New York Times story about the FBI's FIFA investigation, he knew at once what was going on.

Hillary Clinton polling wobbles ahead of presidential campaign launch

Poll setback: Democratic presidential hopeful and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Nick O'Malley A day after Hillary Clinton announced that she would, finally, formally announce her candidacy for the Democratic Party's nomination later this month, a new poll shows her favourability rating has...

Rand Paul assumes high ground as Patriot Act domestic spying expires

US Senator Rand Paul has made ending US intelligence agencies collection of US citizens' telephone metadata a key plank of his presidential run.

Nick O'Malley The US government's bulk collection of its citizens' telephone call data has been suspended after key provisions of the Patriot Act introduced after the September 11 attacks expired before Congress...

FIFA scandal: Sepp Blatter the Bond villain of American imagining

Nick O'Malley, United States Correspondent Soccer gets its comeuppance in the United States.

The rare Singing and Praying Bands of America

Worship at the Hall United Methodist Church.

Nick O'Malley The Singing and Praying band is a great and almost unknown American sacred music tradition. The roots and the music of the few remaining bands stretch back in time and place across the American South...

The neocon supremacy

Former president George W. Bush, left, secretary of defence Donald Rumsfeld and vice-president Dick Cheney, who held top roles in the United States when it launched the war in Iraq.

Nick O'Malley Neoconservative hawks at Washington think tanks are a "government in waiting" if a Republican is elected president.


Lindsey Graham nearly a candidate for US president - and all the benefits that brings

He plans to run. But not quite yet. US Senator Lindsey Graham.

Nick O'Malley Lindsey Graham, the Republican Senator for South Carolina best known for his extravagantly hawkish foreign policy views, has thrown his hat into the ring for the 2016 presidential election. Almost.

Pentagon clarifies statement on US bombers being sent to Australia

A US Air Force B1-B bomber plane taking part in attacks on Islamic State in Iraq last year.

Nick O'Malley Senate foreign relations committee assesses effectiveness of US moves to counter Chinese influence in Asia-Pacific region.


US presidential contender Jeb Bush flames out on Iraq question

Jeb Bush in Puerto Rico last month.

Nick O'Malley Jeb Bush, the presumed front-runner in the Republican Party's race for the White House, has managed to unite the nation's bitterly divided political spectrum. Against him.

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Senate Democrats revolt against Obama trade bill

Facing stiff resistance on trade: President Barack Obama in Washington on Monday.

Nick O'Malley Senate Democrats have rebelled against President Barack Obama, voting against debating a bill that if passed would have given him the authority to quickly complete negotiations over the Trans-Pacific...

Don't throw away the key: US changes tack on jailing

Nathan Brown, a prisoner at Rhode Island's John J. Moran Medium Security Prison, is serving 55 years for sexual assault.

Nick O'Malley Politicians from across the divided political spectrum agree mass incarceration must end.


Jade Helm paranoia puts Republican conspiracy theories on display

Texas troops to monitor US Army exercise: Texas governor Greg Abbott.

Nick O'Malley That prominent Republicans cannot dismiss nonsense out of hand is becoming a serious problem for the party.


Who is Pamela Geller, organiser of the Draw Mohammed competition in Texas?

Too much for Fox News? Controversial anti-Muslim figure Pamela Geller in Garland, Texas.

Nick O'Malley The links between the shooting at the Draw Mohammed competition in Texas on Sunday and the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris are undeniable – both were murderous in intent, both perpetrated by...

Republican candidates for 2016 presidential race – so far

Carly Fiorina speaks at the Republican Leadership Summit in New Hampshire last month.

Nick O'Malley A list of confirmed and unconfirmed Republican candidates.

Australian Twitter user encouraged Islamic State fighters to attack prophet Mohammad cartoon contest in Texas: report

An aerial view shows the car that was used the previous night by two gunmen, who were killed by police.

Nick O'Malley A Twitter account held by an Australian from Melbourne that was one of several used on social media to call for an attack on an anti-Islam event in Texas has been suspended.

Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson will stand for US president, with Mike Huckabee not far behind

Former Hewlett-Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina suggested she is the perfect antidote to Hillary Clinton.

Nick O'Malley For the US Republican Party, the presidential candidates keep on coming.

Two Baltimores: the grim crisis in America's cities

James Lewis waits for a bus in the Hollins Market area of Baltimore.

Nick O'Malley Hollins Market today is quiet. But you can see the scars of the violence that flared around the blighted neighbourhood on Monday night.