Nick O'Malley

Nick O'Malley

Nick O'Malley is the United States correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

Hollande's US visit to rekindle Franco-American affairs

French president Fran?ois Hollande.

Nick O'Malley You don’t hear talk of “cheese eating surrender monkeys” in Washington, DC, these days.

In the beginning was the debate, but there were few converts

Ken Ham, founder of the nonprofit ministry Answers in Genesis, poses with one of his favorite animatronic dinosaurs during a tour of the new Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., Thursday, May 24, 2007.  (AP Photo/Ed Reinke)

Nick O'Malley During the debate between the Australian creationist Ken Ham and the American popular scientist Bill Nye, an ice storm blankets Ham's Creation Museum in a thick pelt of gritty, frozen rain.

Dinosaurs for Christ

Illustration: Michael Mucci.

Nick O'Malley On Tuesday night during a debate between Australian creationist Ken Ham and American popular scientist Bill Nye, an ice storm blanketed Ham's Creation Museum in a thick pelt of gritty frozen rain.

Creation vs evolution: the debate that went nowhere

Creation Museum head Ken Ham speaks during a debate on evolution with TV's

Nick O'Malley Kentucky: The ice storm did not keep the crowds away, nor the distant location of the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky, a region known by some as the buckle of the Bible belt.

Obama faces uphill battle to sell State of Union 'year of action'

Last minute preparations: As seen from the Rose Garden, President Barack Obama works at his desk in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington on Monday ahead of Tuesday night's State of the Union speech.

Nick O'Malley Success for the White House will be measured by how much the speech manages to focus attention on growing inequality and how much it justifies the President’s plan to use his executive powers.

Julie Bishop welcomes US intelligence reforms, lashes Edward Snowden

Julie Bishop.

Nick O'Malley Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has at once welcomed reforms of American signals intelligence gathering announced by President Barack Obama and insisted that Australia’s current level of...

Botched Ohio execution raises death penalty dilemma

Dennis McGuire

Nick O'Malley Reporter Alan Johnson has witnessed 19 executions, but the killing of the murderer and rapist Dennis McGuire in Ohio last Thursday, he says, was different.

President Obama clamps down on spying on leaders of US allies, scales back NSA program

Addressing privacy concerns ... US President Barack Obama speaks about the surveillance techniques used by the National Security Agency (NSA) and intelligence agencies in Washington, DC.

Nick O'Malley Washington: President Barack Obama announced a ban on US eavesdropping on the leaders of close friends and allies on Friday, and rein in the vast collection of Americans' phone data in a series of...

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God's army

Book or Mormon

Nick O'Malley Nick O'Malley and Konrad Marshall meet the fresh-faced Mormon missionaries who may soon be knocking on your door.

Marlise Munoz, brain-dead and pregnant, is the latest focal point for US abortion debate

Centre of debate: Marlise Munoz, her husband, Erick, and their son, Mateo, aged 3 weeks.

Nick O'Malley With a ventilator slowly inflating her lungs and forcing oxygen into a bloodstream moved through her body by an artificial heartbeat, Marlise Munoz is unaware that she has become the focus of yet...

Australia's economic freedom outranks US: thinktank

Treasurer Joe Hockey

Nick O'Malley One of America’s best known conservative thinktanks has named Australia as the world’s third most free economy, after Singapore and Hong Kong, praising Australia’s low debt and...

New Jersey governor Chris Christie's troubles pile up after bridge closure scandal

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaks on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy in Little Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

Nick O'Malley The New Jersey governor at the centre of allegations his office closed lanes on a commuter bridge to punish a political opponent faces new allegations of bullying and an investigation into the...


No end in sight to New Jersey bridge scandal

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Nick O'Malley When Chris Christie cruised to re-election in November, it was unthinkable that he would be fighting to save his reputation just two months later.

'Embarrassed and humiliated' New Jersey Governor Chris Christie apologises for bridge scandal

Chris Christie, Bridget Anne Kelly.

Nick O'Malley Governor Chris Christie has apologised to the people of Fort Lee and sacked his deputy chief of staff over the George Washington Bridge scandal, but again claimed he had no prior knowledge of the...

Emails put Chris Christie in dock over bridge closures

Under scrutiny: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie visiting an elementary school in New Jersey on Tuesday.

Nick O'Malley The popular New Jersey governor has been called to testify over claims that his staff deliberately caused gridlock as political revenge against a local mayor.

Cold weather turns lethal across the US

A man is framed by icicles as he walks along a beach in Chicago, Illinois.

Nick O'Malley Chicago: As the “polar vortex” bringing record low temperatures crept across America on Monday, the cold became so intense that for a time it became difficult to describe. 

US faces coldest days in recent history

Cold snap: Taking on the snow in Champaign, Illinois.

Nick O'Malley Chicago: Clifton Jackson has survived three winters on the streets of Chicago, but no night in that time has been as cold as the one he was preparing for on Sunday afternoon.

Belief in evolution declines among Republicans as party lurches rightward

A Tea Party supporter on mid-term election night 2010.

Nick O'Malley The number of Republican voters who do not believe in evolution has jumped from 43 per cent to 54 per cent over the past four years, new research has found.

Foreign diplomats accused of human trafficking, assault in US

Devyani Khobragade, India's deputy consul general, has been accused of underpaying a domestic worker she brought to the US from India.

Nick O'Malley The prosecution of a diplomat in New York for visa fraud has not only caused an ugly spat between India and America, but prompted a new focus in the United States on allegations of assault, human...

Gangster Tavon White and Baltimore's deadly law and order politics

Prison bars

Nick O'Malley The city's leaders are accused of exploiting the takeover of a prison system by a gang.