Paul McGeough

Paul McGeough

Paul McGeough is chief foreign correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald.


Syria: bombing in Aleppo louder than the voices for peace

Paul McGeough Washington's faith in a political solution seems misplaced as the lives of hundreds of thousands of Syrians hang in the balance.

Oil-producing nations struggling for market power as prices drop

A visitor passes ENOC-branded oil barrels stored at the Emirates National Oil Co.

Paul McGeough Less apparent than the plummeting price of crude is a white-knuckle struggle for market power among the world's oil-producing nations.


Payback and vested interests drove Turkey to shoot down Russian jet

The Russian Su-24 on fire after being shot down by Turkish F-16s.

Paul McGeough Did Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who ironically has emerged as the Putin of his region, really think he was making the conflict more capable of resolution?


Elections leave Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan leader of deeply divided nation

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, right, follows a military honour guard to the mausoleum of the republic's founder Mustafa Kemal on October 29,  Republic Day.

Paul McGeough Turkey's problems only began on Sunday, when the headstrong President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP) won a re-run of June's election but failed to achieve the...


Erdogan the gambler spins election wheel again in 'traumatised' Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses a reception at the presidential palace in Ankara, Turkey, Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015. Critics accuse Erdogan of organizing rallies and meetings in Turkey and Europe to drum up votes for the ruling Justice and Development Party ahead of Sunday's general elections, in breach of laws that require him to be neutral.(AP Photo/Presidential Press Service, Pool )

Paul McGeough His name is not on any of Sunday's ballot papers - but this poll is all about one man.


Iran's grand manipulator at work behind the scenes in Syria

Major-General Qasim Suleimani, head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's Quds Force.

Paul McGeough A general from Tehran has emerged as a grand manipulator chipping away at American influence in the region.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17: Contradictions and confusion from Russia

A piece of the wreckage from the downed Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.

Paul McGeough So what will the Russians do now, after two of Moscow's key theories on the crash of Malaysia Airlines' flight MH-17 were bombed out of the water in a Dutch-led investigation into the cause of the...

The quest for justice on MH17: police work case without crime scene or court

Andrew Donoghoe (left) with AFP Detective Sergeant Julian Bianco in the AFP's office at the Australian Embassy in The Hague.

Paul McGeough As the world reads the Dutch Safety Board's report on what happened to MH17, a criminal investigation involving Australian Federal Police is still gathering evidence.

MH17 air crash: how did it happen?

A piece of plane debris at one of the sites where the front section of MH17 crashed.

Paul McGeough in The Hague The cause of death for victims of the MH17 air crash might never be known. It's beyond question that they died in an air crash, but precisely how and when?

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 investigation combines horror and humanity

Paul McGeough The Australian Federal Police officers working on the MH17 case are tough professionals but everyone has been touched by the tragedy, writes Paul McGeough.


Obama the super-salesman pours fuel on a Middle East in flames

A businessman walks past an Iveco vehicle during the 2013 edition of the Defence & Security Equipment International arms fair  in London.

Paul McGeough The Gulf monarchies are in the midst of an arms-buying splurge set to surge through the coming decade – in a region already coming apart at the seams.

Charity founder says Afghanistan 2015 is 'as bad as 2002'

Portrait of Mahboba Rawi at her home in North Ryde. Mahboba started the charity called Mahboba s Promise that assists orphans and widows in Afghanistan. 4th September 2008  SMH NEWS/Mahboba Rawi  Photograph by Dallas Kilponen/dak. SPECIALX 91442

Paul McGeough We've all shut down on Afghanistan, moved on. But we need to hear what aid workers like Mahboba Rawi are telling us.


Kurds' brave fight puts them in the crosshairs as Turkey goes to war

A Turkish F-16 fighter jet takes off from Incirlik airbase in July.

Paul McGeough Turkey's entrance into the war on Islamic State has put the Kurds in a familiar position: stateless victims of deals between states.

MH17 anniversary: One year has passed since MH17 was shot down, killing all 298 people on board


Paul McGeough On board MH17, 283 passengers were finishing their meal, reading a book, watching a movie or dozing, and its 15 crew drawing breath, while flying over territory that most probably were unaware was...


Iran nuclear deal: has Rouhani's reform moment arrived?

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Paul McGeough It remains to be seen if, with sanctions lifted, Iran's leaders are willing - or able - to chart a new course.

The art of the Iran nuclear deal will be in the pitch

Paul McGeough dinkus

Paul McGeough It's had to believe that the diplomatic kabuki of the last few days was not an elaborate ritual to prepare varied fractious constituencies for an Iran nuclear deal that long has been inevitable.

MH17 The Sunflowers: Sister Philomene Tiernan a loved, 'charmingly persistent' force of nature

Sister Philomene Tiernan:

Paul McGeough If your roots are Irish Catholic, you'll be able to decode the contours to the life of Sister Philomene Tiernan – and you might even ask if its neat bookends are a message from God.

MH17 The Sunflowers: Frankie and Liam Davison inspired others to live large

Frankie and Liam Davison were on Malaysian flight MH17 shot down over Ukraine

Paul McGeough More than a quarter of requests for sunflower seeds from Victoria were in the names of Frankie and Liam Davison – she aged 54, an accomplished teacher; he aged 57, an award-winning writer.

MH17 The Sunflowers: Quinn Schansman's father learning to accept 'the unacceptable'

MH17 victim Quinn Schansman.

Paul McGeough "We have to cope in accepting the unacceptable ... losing an 18-year-old child as he is falling in love and planning his future is something I can't understand."