Rory Callinan

Mother and daughter trapped in Egypt

Rory Callinan The romantic dinner at a resort on Egypt's north coast seemed a pleasant treat for Melbourne mum Jasmine*.

Kokoda Track aid projects lose their way

Kokoda Track

Rory Callinan The goats and poultry were supposedly eaten. The fish for the aquaculture venture never turned up even though a pond was dug.

Decorated diggers tell a different truth about storied Afghan battle

Jared Mackinney in Afghanistan.

Rory Callinan The battle of Derapet, Afghanistan, has been painted as a story of classic Aussie heroism and victory, however the trauma of the event has long outlived the accolades for several Brisbane soldiers.

Digger accused over Iraqi deaths

Joe Day

Rory Callinan A decorated Australian soldier was embroiled in a secret war- crimes investigation after two former high ranking US military officials accused him of ordering the killing of unarmed men during the...

'Innocent' men shot in head - villagers

Minister for Defence, Stephen Smith

Caption: Minister for Defence, Stephen Smith visited Afghanistan on Tuesday 10 April and Wednesday 11 April 2012. 

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Rory Callinan, Dylan Welch ANGRY residents in the village where a father and son were killed in a controversial joint Australian-Afghan military raid 12 days ago claim the pair were shot in the head and that women from the...

Lawyers warned of risks in Libya

Melinda Taylor

Rory Callinan THE International Criminal Court was warned about safety for its defence counsel in Libya three months before the Australian lawyer Melinda Taylor and three fellow ICC staff were arrested by local...

Ramos-Horta accused of crippling paper


Rory Callinan East Timor's President has been forced to fend off allegations that he is trying to avoid media scrutiny.