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'Catch, catch catch': Chinese President Xi Jinping's voice debuts in official rap video

The Chinese government has released a rap video featuring the President that hails its anti-graft drive and sets out goals for 2016.

Sydney: The Chinese government is attempting to shake off the straitjacket of convoluted Communist Party speak, releasing a rap video sampling its President, Xi Jinping.

The video and its cartoon graphics are an attempt to reach a smartphone generation that is shunning traditional propaganda channels.

"Flies, tigers and big foxes. Catch, catch, catch, catch," chants the rapper, in a reference to Operation Fox Hunt, Mr Xi's crackdown on alleged corrupt officials which has extended as far as Australia and Canada as targeted executives and bureaucrats flee arrest on the mainland.

The anti-corruption drive, plus China's attempts to clean up the environment, and its financial system reform are extolled in a catchy hip-hop beat.

Mr Xi's voice, sampled from earlier speeches, sternly warns: "All corruption must be punished. Every corrupt official must be prosecuted."

The song promises to "cure, cure, cure, cure" China's polluted air and water. China announced in September it would introduce a nationwide emissions trading scheme.


"With clear water and lush mountains, a new march can start."

"Change, change, change, change" is another theme.

Tax reform, and the recent decision to extend household registration, vital to access free education, to 13 million children who were born out of wedlock or breached the One Child Policy, are referenced. But with such a lofty and expansive reform agenda to praise, many of the Chinese government's favourite phrases make an inevitable and unwieldy appearance in the lyrics.

"Streamline the administration and delegate power to lower levels, unleash energy. Reform the supply side and upgrade the economy," the nearly three-minute song says.

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