Faith in federal system lost

AUSTRALIANS are disillusioned with the federal system and losing faith in the national tier of government, a poll has revealed.

According to the third biennial constitutional values survey, two-thirds of Australians do not believe state and federal governments are working well together.

Confidence in the federal government as the most of effective level of government has fallen from 50 per cent in 2008 to 29 per cent.

The findings, published on in The Australian newspaper, also revealed 38 per cent of Australians believe the federal system is not working, as opposed to just over 30 per cent in 2008.

Former NSW premier Nick Greiner said the survey showed the public was ''running ahead of politicians on all of this''. He added that voters were ''saying what the political class is in denial about, which is that the federation is dysfunctional and due for a 100-year refresher''.

The survey, commissioned for Griffith University's federalism project and conducted by Newspoll, tests how Australians feel about the federal system; their confidence in how federal, state and local levels are working; and their view of inter-government collaboration.

According to the report, the drop of confidence in federalism correlates with Labor's period in government, accelerating during the period of minority government since 2010. AAP