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Jakarta attacks: Death toll rises

Jakarta: The death toll in the Jakarta blasts has risen to eight after an Indonesian security guard who had been shot in the head died on Saturday night.

The man, Rais Karna, an employee at nearby Bangkok bank, had been in a coma since January 14. He was operated on but never regained consciousness.

Jakarta police spokesman Muhammad Iqbal also revealed that there had only been four terrorists killed in the attacks.

The fifth man, Sugito, who had previously been suspected of being a perpetrator, was in fact a victim.

"He was an employee of a company where he worked as a courier," Mr Iqbal said. "We have taken a sample of DNA and blood from his parents. Now we can confirm that there are eight dead – four are suspected terrorists and four are victims."

Twelve suspected terrorists were arrested in Central Java, West Java and East Kalimantan after Thursday's attacks in a Starbucks cafe near Sarinah mall in Central Jakarta and a nearby police police post on busy Thamrin Road.


Two of the suspected perpetrators killed – gunman Sunakim (alias Afif) and Muhammad Ali – were recidivists.

Sunakim was arrested in 2010 and sentenced to seven years' jail for his role in a militant training camp in Aceh.

Muhammad Ali had robbed a CIMB Niaga bank in Medan to fund terrorist activities.

The other suspected terrorists killed were Dian Juni Kurniadi and the Starbucks suicide bomber Ahmad Muhazan bin Saron.

National police chief Badrodin Haiti said interviews with the 12 suspected terrorists arrested after the Jakarta blasts revealed further attacks were being planned.

He said one of the 12 had received funding from Bahrun Naim, who is fighting for Islamic State in Syria, through a transfer through Western Union.

The other civilian victims were Canadian Amer Ouali Tahar and Indonesian Rico Hermawan.

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