Emily Longley ... died in mysterious circumstances.

Emily Longley ... boyfriend on trial for her murder.

Security camera footage of aspiring New Zealand model Emily Longley's last night out has been to shown to a British jury in the trial of the man accused of murdering her.

Emily's boyfriend, Elliot Turner, 20, is charged with murdering her at his home in Bournemouth, Dorset, on May 7, 2011 after she was found dead in his bed.

He denies murder and perverting the course of justice between May 6 and July 21, 2011.

Winchester Crown Court was yesterday shown footage of Emily, 17, arriving at a bar, the Cafe Shore in Sandbanks, with friends on the night before she died after having a row with Turner.

The BBC reported that prosecution witness Oliver George said Turner had criticised Emily for dressing inappropriately, claiming she would attract attention.

The footage shows Turner arriving at the same bar later in the evening and Emily leaving soon after.

He tried to follow her and Mr George said he was shouting: "She's ruined my life, she's twisted my heart."

Other footage, taken a week earlier at another bar, was shown to the court and the prosecution alleges Turner assaulted Emily off camera, smashing her head against a table.

On Tuesday, Turner's friend Tom Crowe told the jury he had seen an argument between the couple in the early hours of May 7 last year.

The couple, who had a short and volatile relationship, had argued outside the house in Bournemouth, with Emily saying to her boyfriend "I hate you" and trying to lock him out of his own home before he got inside and the door was shut.

Mr Crowe also said that minutes before Turner went inside his house with Emily, the defendant had given him a hammer and asked him to kill the 17-year-old for him. He said he had refused.

He also said he had turned to one of Turner's neighbours, who had seen the argument, and said: "I think Elliot's going to kill Emily."

Turner's parents, Leigh Turner, 54, and Anita Turner, 51, are also in the dock accused of covering up for their son by destroying evidence and taking items away from the scene of the death. They both deny perverting the course of justice.

Emily, who was a student, had been born in Britain but her family emigrated to New Zealand when she was nine. She returned to live with her grandparents in Bournemouth and was studying at college when she died.

The trial continues.