Newborn taken after mother fatally shot

A newborn baby who was abducted from his dying mother after she was repeatedly shot outside a doctor's office in the US state of Texas has been found safe, investigators say.

The healthy three-day-old infant was found about six hours after his mother was shot following an argument in a parking lot, Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon said.

Ligon wouldn't say where the infant was found, but he said the baby was being reunited with his father.

A person of interest has been detained, though no charges have been filed, Ligon said.

The boy's mother, 28-year-old Kayla Marie Golden, was leaving a checkup with her son when she argued with a woman in a Lexus parked next to her truck, Montgomery County sheriff's Lt Dan Norris said.

Witnesses said the woman repeatedly shot Golden, took the infant and sped away, hitting the dying mother as she screamed "My baby" and tried to reach into the car, Norris said.

Witnesses reported hearing as many as seven gunshots and said a man also was in the Lexus, which was blood-stained on the driver's side, Norris said.