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Oscar Pistorius: The athlete returns for further grilling at hands of top prosecutor

Oscar Pistorius trial: live coverage

Watch a live feed from the courtroom in Pretoria where paralympian Oscar Pistorius is on trial accused of murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

On that note, we get to the real nub of the state's cross-examination: they argue quite simply, when you analyse the detail, the Olympian's version is so highly unlikely that he must be lying.

And if he's lying about what happened before the shooting, they say, he is lying to cover up that he guilty of murder.

Mr Nel will continue his cross-examination in the morning.

It has been an enthralling day. Perhaps one of the most crucial so far.

We return tomorrow, at 9.30am.

We are in minute detail, discussing the position of a multiplug, the fan, the curtains, and Mr Nel says don't make sense.

If the fan was where Pistorius says it was, the extension cord wouldn't stretch.

Mr Nel: Keep trying Mr Pistorius, its not working. Your version is so improbable that nobody will ever think it's reasonably possible.

We're still on the fans, and Pistorius gives a very long winded explanation about their movements.

Mr Nel gets sarcastic again: The most amazing thing happened. Yesterday when we showed you these photographs you did not say anything!

Pistorius: I don't know.

It is now noted the bedroom ceiling light is on, Pistorius says he doesn't remember switching it on as per the photo.

Mr Nel: If you don't remember, can you categorically say it was off?

Pistorius: My only thought was to get Reeva, to help Reeva.

Mr Nel says the "only reasonable inference" is that Reeva Steenkamp ran away from the bedroom as the couple argued - that is the first time we have heard the state's explanation for the early screams.

Moving on, Mr Nel: Is this one big conspiracy? What do you think? Why would the police do all this?

OP: I'm not sure, my lady.

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Mr Roux objects.

Pistorius reluctantly admits that for his version to be true a policeman would have had to move the fan, the duvet, and open the curtains.

Mr Nel says "that door was open when you and the deceased had an argument" and says Ms Steenkamp then ran away screaming.

Mr Nel shows another picture of the bedroom, the fan placed in doorway of the balcony sliding door, and Pistorius admits the fan shouldn't be there.

"You see Mr Pistorius, your version is a lie. You never closed those curtains."

This is crucial. If curtains were not closed the Oscar Pistorius should have been able to see inside his bedroom, seen Reeva not there.

Also, the picture shows that on Pistorius' version, he could not have run onto the balcony to scream for help after the shooting, because the fan was in the way.

Mr Nel says we must exclude the fact that Reeva got out of the bed on the righthand side - closest to the balcony, the side she was sleeping - because if she had, he would have seen her.

Pistorius seems to accept this.

So we have Ms Steenkamp rolling onto his side of the bed before walking to the bathroom and toilet.

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Mr Nel appears to be building up to proposing an extreme unliklihood - that there was only a split second in Pistorius' version during which Reeva could have left the bedroom without him noticing.

Mr Nel says Pistorius is "adapting" his version depending on the questions and obstacles presented.

He says he's not, he's recalling what he can remember.

Also in the photo, we can see the duvet is on the floor.

Pistorius says he doesn't know how it got there, neither he nor Reeva put it there.

But Mr Nel refers to a police officer'sevidence that he was the first to go upstairs and he found the duvet on the floor.

Pistorius says when he got out of the bed, the duvet was on it - and it was covering the bottom part of Reeva's legs.

Mr Nel: "Ah, so you saw THAT. How do you know that?"

OP: "I moved it over."

Court is now seeing one of the crime scene photos, showing a picture of the tripod fan which looks very close to Reeva's side of the bed.

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Pistorius has said a number of times it was "pitch black" but Mr Nel points out that there was enough light to see Reeva's denim jeans on the floor.

"I picked up the jeans. I could see them in the light from the amplifier. I picked them up from the floor. I wanted to pick up the jeans to place over the amplifier LED."

But Mr Nel says "if you did that you would face the passage".

Pistorius says no, he wsa facing the cabinet with the amplifier on it.

"I don't know how she got out of bed. It was pitch black and she was behind me," Pistorius said.

"It was pitch black and I wasn't facing the bed, so not strange I didn't see her. The fans were blowing in my face."

Pistorius says he doesn't know how he didn't see her, but he didn't.

Pistorius says he was on the lefthand side of the bed, Reeva on the right, as you looked at it.

He got up, went over to the balcony, brought the fan in, closed the door and the curtains.

Q: Reeva didn't say a word?

A: No.

Q: And you didn't see her get up?

A: No.

Pistorius says when he woke up, probably because it was hot and humid, he "rubbed my face and Reeva asked me if I couldn't sleep".

"Can't you sleep, baba?"

He said he replied no.

He then got the fans in and locked the door.

Pistorius says they were both busy on the iPad - looking at vehicles and pondering which were their top five cars, while the TV was on.

He asked Reeva to bring in the fans and close the balcony doors, then fell asleep.

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