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Teen murder trial: with Emily 'cold and grey', he began to get ready for work

When Elliot Turner awoke to find New Zealand teenager Emily Longley "cold and grey", he began to get ready for work, a British jury has heard at the trial of Longley's murder.

The trial into the killing of 17-year-old Longley is in its fourth day, with her partner, Turner, 20, accused of her murder and his parents, Leigh and Anita Turner, charged with perverting the course justice in allegedly helping him cover it up.

Witness Carla Simons - a friend of Longley's - told Winchester Crown Court how Elliot began talking quickly and pacing up and down when she asked him about her death, the Bournemouth Echo reported.

The court had previously heard how the pair had gone to bed at Turner's house after a tumultuous night out drinking where they fought intensely.

Simons, 18, said Turner told her that he went to grab her arm "and she was cold and grey".

But Simons said Turner then explained he thought she had just passed out.


"Then he realised that was not normal so he started to shake her to try to wake her up."

Simons said Turner gave her the account of events when they bumped into each other outside the family jewellery shop where Turner worked after Longley's death.

Meanwhile, another of Turner's friends told the court he slept with Longley six days before she died, but it had remained a secret.

Witness Luke Ashford, 18, said he believed that he and Longley had managed to keep their sexual relationship from Turner, TVNZ reported.

Ashford also told the jury of a mallet Turner kept in his car, that he threatened to use to bludgeon another man Turner thought Longley was having an affair with.

In a text to Ashford on May 6, Turner said "hello darling, meet mrs mallet", the court heard.

In the night leading up to Longley's death, fights between Turner and Longley while out on the town were witnessed by a number of people. The jury had also been shown CCTV footage of the pair on Longley's last night alive.

The court heard how, that night, Turner called his girlfriend a "whore" and tried to punch her while she was out with friends at a cafe at Sandbank.

A mutual friend of the pair, Tom Crowe, had told the court that Turner had discussed ways to kill Longley and even asked Crowe if he could do it, handing him a hammer.

Turner had told police he and Longley had argued the night before and she had attacked him, and that when he woke up beside her she was dead. An ambulance however was not called until after 9am.

The trial continues.

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