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This German lawyer was at both Brussels bomb blasts but came out unscathed

Brussels: A German lawyer has told of his extraordinary brush with both Brussels bombings.

He was unlucky enough to be present when bombs exploded at Brussels airport, then an hour later witnessed another explosion at an inner-city Metro station.

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But he was lucky enough to survive both unscathed, even helping injured victims to escape the chaos underground.

Marc Schreiner, 41, told German media he landed at Brussels airport on Tuesday morning just before bombs went off in the departure hall.

When he entered the terminal he saw debris fallen from the ceiling and fire extinguishers spraying water. A policeman took him to safety.

"After the explosion the situation was not settled yet so I was lucky to use this confusion to get out of the airport," he said.


He saw "disturbing" images in the departure hall, he said.

He hurried out and caught a taxi to the city centre, alighting outside the Maalbeek metro station just as the bomb went off down in the station.

"There was a blast, this incredibly loud detonation," he said.

Then: "I saw out of the smoke passengers coming out of the metro and I felt that help was needed. So I illuminated the light from my smartphone, went downstairs, called to the people 'come to the light I'll help you, here is the exit'."

The further he went down into the dark station, the worse injured people he saw, he said.

 "There was a woman who was still responsive. I couldn't do any more than wish her courage," he said.

He was still a floor above the track when he was overcome by the acrid smoke, couldn't go any further, and had to go out to the street.

A friend drove him from Brussels to Dusseldorf, from where he flew back to Berlin – arriving in time for dinner to celebrate with his family that he was somehow still alive.

"This is such an extraordinary day. I flew to Brussels, experienced two bomb attacks and in the second one I was the first to see these horrific pictures, these burned and bloody passengers which were coming out of the smoke."

He said he was physically unhurt, but feeling the emotional effects of the experience.