Mobile, the way of your future

Mobile, the way of your future

Andrew Jacobs gives advice on how to use mobile communication to boost your business. Interviewed by Miriam Steffens

WITH everyone using smartphones these days, do I still need a strong internet presence or should I focus on mobile sites?

You will always need a strong internet presence. Instead of thinking in terms of desktop or mobile internet, start thinking in terms of screens. What matters is delivering the best experience via these screens. Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are rapidly becoming our preferred screens for internet access, and while the computer is far from dead, leading brands will be focusing on mobile first and scaling up from there. By considering the most accessible devices first, you can do away with unnecessary design and refocus on the changing demands of a more mobile consumer.

Do mobile sites have to be constructed differently from classic internet sites?

For more and more consumers, computers are found in the workplace only, and smartphones and tablets are becoming the main devices both on the go and at home. And yes, mobile sites have to be approached differently for three key reasons:

1. The screen is smaller so design has to be more focused.

2. Mobile devices can do all the things you're used to doing on the computer but they also have unique features such as location awareness via GPS, Click to Call, and SMS messages.


3. Touch screens can provide a powerful, interactive experience for users.

What are the best ways to promote my business on mobile?

Mobile search and display are great places to start. With all the interactivity that is possible on mobile devices, interactive videos and games can be interesting marketing tools. Global research has found that more people notice and click on mobile ads than traditional desktop ads. They make consumers five times as likely to want to buy products than desktop ads, and four times as likely to favour your brand.

How effective is mobile - not only for marketing, but also for business transactions?

We are seeing great results for campaigns from branding and video through to purchasing, but it's still just the tip of the iceberg. More than half of Australians own smartphones and 2.6 million use tablets. And we are using these devices in ways that foreshadow the nature of things to come. According to the market researcher Ipsos, 94 per cent of us have looked for products using smartphones, 86 per cent search local information and 28 per cent have made a purchase on their device.

Andrew Jacobs is general manager of the mobile media consultant Snakk Media.

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