Celebrity New Year's Resolutions

Celebrity New Year's Resolutions

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Shelley Horton hits up Australian celebrities to find out what their resolutions are for 2013.


Matt Lee, choreographer pictured with Bonnie Lythgoe ... "My New years Resolution this year (and every year) is to get my drivers licence!" Photo: Sahlan Hayes


Maz Compton, radio announcer ... "My New Years Eve resolution is to become the best version of myself to date and to chase my dreams with more passion and guts than ever before. And to increase my shoe wardrobe quite sizably."Photo: Helen Nezdropa


Michael Cormick, actor ... "My New Years Resolution is to do things differently."


Toni Pearen, actress ... "To shed the baby weight."Photo: James Brickwood



Katrina Warren, TV vet ... "To do a better job of staying in touch with those who are dear to me. Everyone is so busy these days and sometimes we forget to check in with family and friends."Photo: James Brickwood


Erika Heynatz, singer ... "To learn to sight read music."


Didier Cohen, model ... "The same as it always is. That's working endlessly towards my goals and dreams and to not live one day being unhappy... Life's too short."


Casey Burgess, singer ... "I want to learn a foreign language , French or Italian (which I said last year), oops.. .and I want to take up piano lessons again. Looks like 2013 is the year to get creative."Photo: Belinda Roland


Prinnie Stevens, singer ..."My New years resolution is to spend less time on the computer and more time reading or making art with my daughter! Too much quality time is wasted on that thing. Wish me luck!"Photo: Lee Besford


Amber Sherlock, Channel Nine newsreader, pictured with Chris Sherlock ... "Fitting in time to exercise!"Photo: Sahlan Hayes


Denise Roberts, actress and CEO of SCREENWISE ... "As always, it is to continue on my quest to find the next big Hollywood name from Australia."


Shelley Barrett, founder &and CEO of Model Co. ... "To live by the rule of eight. Eight hours work, eight hours sleep and eight hours play."Photo: TIM BAUER


Charli Robinson, radio announcer ... "This year It?s indulgent... I want to make more time for myself and do what really makes me happy...I?ll practice the old song, All you Need is Love!"


Natalie Bassingthwaighte, X Factor judge ... "Remember everyone's birthdays and send cards."



Rachel Gilbert, designer ... "Spend more time outside ? we have just moved to the gorgeous Northern Beaches and it?s so beautiful, this year. I am going to take the time to explore every nook and crevice of my new location! And learn French ? every year I say I will learn, but this year I?m determined!! After a recent buying trip to Paris I realised the necessity of it."Photo: Sahlan Hayes


Tim Ross, radio announcer ..."This year it?s to give up smoking. Given I gave up in 1994, I?ve got this one in the bag. New Years Eve I will be stalking Mel B with a couple of my paparazzi mates because they are paying double time and I need the cash."Photo: Wolter Peeters


Christie Whelan-Browne, actress ..."Stop and smell the roses. Always be grateful and try and give back where possible."


Les Hill, actor ... My new year?s resolution is to spend more time taking in the world around me. The world is moving pretty fast, and it's easy to forget the beauty that surrounds us. Oh, and drink less beer."Photo: Janie Barrett JEM


Timomatic, singer ... "I plan to eat healthier and to spend more time with loved ones." Photo: Ben Rushton


David Harris, actor ... "To stay in better contact with friends, have more patience and to continue being healthier each year."Photo: Brianne Makin


Cheyenne Tozzi, ModelCo model ... "To finish my business degree." Photo: Angela Wylie


Tom Sharah, cabaret performer ... "The usual .... be fit, healthy, motivated .... But realistically, as long as I grab 2013 by the balls and have a year as great as this past one, I?ll be happy."


Mel B X Factor judge ... "I?ve worked really hard this year on my fitness regime so my new year?s resolution for 2013 is to maintain my fitness and continue to work on it."Photo: Sahlan Hayes


Kerri-Anne Kennerley, TV presenter ..."My New Year?s resolution is to be healthier and fitter than I have ever been. I want to live and work with more passion than ever before."



Nathan Jolliffe, reality star ..."Learn to play a musical instrument and learn another language."


Luke Mangan, celebrity chef ... "Try not to open any more restaurants!"Photo: James Brickwood


Tiffiny Hall, author of Lighten Up cookbook ... "To publish three novels in one year and start piano lessons again. New Year?s Resolution is to be happy, healthy, productive and making the most of every moment." Photo: Simon Schluter


Kyly Clarke, model with husband Michael Clarke ... "Life is all about the journey, so just keep enjoying the journey! Every day is a blessing." Photo: Scott Barbour