Dylan rocks Canberra again, a decade later

Dylan rocks Canberra again, a decade later

Canberra has had to wait more than a decade for Bob Dylan to again play live on stage, but his return Friday night was worth all the desperate anticipation.

Hailed as the hero he is to so many, he stepped into the muted spotlights at the Royal Theatre to thunderous applause.

Looking dapper at 73, Dylan did not disappoint.

Opening the night with a beautiful rendition of his thought-provoking and Academy Award winning hit Things Have Changed, the rock legend had the audience at his command from the get go.

And it just kept getting better as the show progressed - his gravelly voice matched perfectly by a band at the top of their game.

The two set performance offered a mix of more recent material and some wonderfully reworked Dylan classics - Tangled Up In Blue being a highlight of the first set.

Chris Johnson is a political correspondent. Most recently Chris was the Canberra bureau chief, and national political correspondent for The Sunday Age and The Sun-Herald.