Mastin's on the move

Mastin's on the move

Reece Mastin has the word ''Restless'' tattooed across his knuckles. ''I just have problems, when I'm awake anyway, trying to sit still,'' he explains. ''I get very restless; I thought that was kind of a funny reminder.'' The word means so much to him that it's also the name of his next album, soon to be released, which will be his third since the Scunthorpe-born singer won the third series of The X Factor in 2011. ''We've been trying to push it out for a while now but of course we want everything to be right,'' says Mastin. ''I think the more I keep writing the more I want to make this album bigger and bigger, so it'll still be a little while but it's getting definitely very close.''

After winning The X Factor, Mastin had a predictably huge-selling debut single in Good Night, which reached No. 1 on the Australian and New Zealand charts, and is Sony Music Australia's fastest-selling digital single, and his first album debuted at No. 2. Mastin admits the transition from TV reality show winner to proper musician can be tricky. ''Sometimes people can find it hard to connect through a TV screen, but I have those couple of fans who have stuck around for those years so hopefully now we can break through that awkwardness you can get from those shows and really start moving forward with this friendship and almost relationship to the music and everything,'' he says. ''I think a lot of it is time, and giving your fans that time to grow and realise who they are as well; that definitely helps. But it's all about going about it the right way.''

Reece Mastin returns to Canberra on February 7 at the Southern Cross Club.

Reece Mastin returns to Canberra on February 7 at the Southern Cross Club.Credit:Kelly McInnes

That way, for Mastin, is the way of rock'n'roll. The 19-year-old has toured four times now, and enjoys changing people's perceptions of what Reece Mastin has to offer. ''It's fun for me and the band to watch the people in the room who have been dragged there by their kids or their girlfriends or something and then watching them at the end of the show and then realising it's not what they thought it was and it's a bit more of a rock'n'roll show. People think it's going to be really poppy and made to a track and all that kind of stuff but we're a live band and we put in the hard yards to put on a really good rock show, so it's definitely cool to watch people come in and respect the time and effort we put in.''

As a result, Mastin says his fan base has evolved from being just young girls to now encompassing ''the whole spectrum, especially with dads ending up liking the rock show''. So with all this rock'n'roll going on, what is the new album sounding like? ''It's more me,'' says Mastin. ''It's just more like what I want it to be and it explains me a bit better and overall it just says me a little bit more, I think.''

One of his biggest inspirations is relationships and love, says Mastin, who is dating Home and Away star Rhiannon Fish. ''She's definitely a massive part of my life, so a lot of the album is about Rhiannon as well. There's a few love songs, but it's definitely got some different colours in there.''

As for the future, Mastin is committed to a rock'n'roll lifestyle, so no doubt there will be more tattoos to add to his already sizeable collection. ''I just love them and I always have, even when I was a kid. Mum and Dad don't love them too much but they're something I've always wanted.''