Koa's TV catch

Koa's TV catch

Canberra's own Koa Whelan may not have been a "winner" on Prime's Please Marry My Boy but she may have walked away with the real prize.

She has told us while she is still single, she is seeing one of the other "boys" - Brendan Smith.

Koa Whelan is seeing one of the other ‘‘boys’’ she met on <i>Please Marry My Boy</i>, Brendan Smith.

Koa Whelan is seeing one of the other ‘‘boys’’ she met on Please Marry My Boy, Brendan Smith.

"He is lovely; very funny; smart," she said. "Brendan and I are just starting to hang out. It's all very new."

The hit show gave mothers all the power to select a suitable potential wife for their son.


Koa, 25, a federal public servant from Duffy and former Miss Summernats, was vying for the affections of Sydneysider Matt Kenny. She formed a strong bond with his mother Karen, who nevertheless chose another contestant Amanda to "please marry my son".

Similarly, Brendan's mother Anne chose fitness instructor Anna to match with him.

Koa said Matt and Amanda split up about a week after the show finished. Brendan dated Anna for a couple of months but they, too, split up.

Matt might have been carrying a torch for Koa, as well.

"He actually did try to contact me but at the end of the day I don't want to be anyone's second choice," she said.

"This way we can all be friends and I can't speak highly enough of Matt."

Brendan then asked Matt for Koa's number.

The salesman lives in Sydney where Koa is hoping to move by mid-year.

And as for the other relationships? Koa says Tony and Magdelena didn't work out and while Vlad and Andrea "gave it a good crack", they too are splitsville.

"It was a very good experience," Koa said. "I wouldn't change anything about it. I was myself from the get-go."

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