Million-dollar poser: can it lift Seven?

Million-dollar poser: can it lift Seven?

Can one person, in one minute, win $1 million? It's the question being asked to promote the launch of a game show conveniently called Million Dollar Minute (Seven, 5.30pm).

The answer, of course, is "no", since the contestant has to win the Million Dollar Minute jackpot about eight times to go home with the big bucks.

Grant Denyer for Million Dollar Minute.

Grant Denyer for Million Dollar Minute.

Photo: Seven

The bigger question may be: "Can one show, in one timeslot, change the flagging fortunes of Seven's evening news?" That's the aim for this new effort, hosted by Grant Denyer. It takes over from Deal Or No Deal, which has been copping a pasting from Nine's Hot Seat, which also has a million bucks nominally in play each evening.

Million Dollar Minute has reportedly been developed in-house by Seven, rather than a concept built in Denmark and shipped to our shores. Without having seen an episode, it seems pretty straightforward: answer general knowledge questions, win money.

Denyer, who will be happy to be working on a set that doesn't freak out the spirit level after months on Slide Show, says the questions will be rapid fire, like your old-school quiz. That's comforting.


Denyer is one of those elfin-figured built-for-TV creatures with a luminous smile and too much energy. He should suit the role. We will check in during the week.

The questions are almost entirely irrelevant on the week's other new game show, A League Of Their Own (Ten, 7.30pm), which has not been developed in-house by Ten but has been shipped in from England, where it has run for years.

It's a cross between It's A Knockout, Gladiators and something less cerebral. Tommy Little from This Week Live gets his second hosting job on the way to world domination, with teams captained by Pat Cash and Eamon Sullivan.

In the first episode the poser about sport's longest feud became television's longest question, with an answer not required for about 10 minutes, during which teams were subjected to as much public humiliation as possible.

Kurt Fearnley and Liz Jackson are the sports guests, with comedians Lehmo and Peter Helliar helping Little provide the gags.

The format has lasted well in England. Here, it looks big and brassy, but something is missing. Warmth, maybe? Care factor? Much will depend on how Cash and Sullivan work into their roles. They both display a mix of competitive streak and acceptance of being made to look silly. That, after all, is the philosophy of the show.

If you want to see something that is polar opposite to its shiny baubles, try Living with the Amish (Nat Geo Adventure, 7.30pm). Six young people from Britain do just that, giving the bonnets and braces a real workout.

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