What's on TV: Friday, January 27

What's on TV: Friday, January 27

movie My Fellow Americans (1996)

Nine, 1pm

Stars of the new comedy film My Fellow Americans, from left, Dan Aykroyd, Jack Lemmon and James Garner.

Stars of the new comedy film My Fellow Americans, from left, Dan Aykroyd, Jack Lemmon and James Garner.Credit:FRED PROUSER/Reuters

It used to be that the period between a US presidential election and the inauguration was boring, the only excitement being the reveal of who receives a presidential pardon. Not anymore. President Obama has been trying to snooker the future decision-making of President-Elect Trump with a slate of executive actions. One is the small matter of 3,000 US troops moving into Poland. This is a new world. Or is it? Peter Segal's My Fellow Americans (known by fans as Grumpy Old Presidents) shows two duelling presidents, in and out of office, trying to bring down a third by any means possible. It was originally slated to star Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, but Matthau became unwell and was replaced by James Garner, like Lemmon an actor of subtle comic genius. So, what is not to like about this little-seen or remembered comedy that has unexpectedly become topical? Scott Murray



Eleven, 6.30pm

Thirty-two years after the first episode of Neighbours aired, it appears the writers are well and truly running out of steam (or is it a case of one too many sherries?) We've seen some preposterous things happen on Ramsay Street before, but this case of a kidnapped critter – Warnie the Wombat – really takes the cake. Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) emerges as a prime suspect, but the real culprit is far less obvious. Elsewhere, Piper (Mavournee Hazel) and Tyler (Travis Burns) are caught canoodling with conviction at Robinson's motel, Paige (Olympia Valance) forges an elaborate lie about her pregnancy, and some refreshingly real terminology is used when talking about sex (they deliberate over whether or not David (Takaya Honda) is gay or bi – I don't think conversations of this nature are happening over in Summer Bay?) Furthermore, an upcoming storyline seems to involve long-term cast member Carla Bonner in a steamy lesbian tryst. Who needs a plot when you've got good old-fashioned sex? Annabel Ross

movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

9Gem, 8.40pm

In 1969, English science-fiction writer Brian Aldiss wrote Super-Toys Last All Summer Long, the touching short story about a small British family with a twist: their pre-school son turns out to be a robot. American director Stanley Kubrick spent two decades trying to turn it into a movie, but sadly died before achieving his goal. It was long viewed as one of cinema's greatest missed opportunities. So, as a mark of respect, Steven Spielberg took up the challenge and in 2001 made A. I. Artificial Intelligence. But the world had seriously changed since Aldiss wrote his story, his crisply contained tale ballooning here under Spielberg's guidance into a mega epic set in a post-apocalyptic future with melting polar ice caps and flooded coastlines. Unfortunately, the added layers of public fears add nothing to this gentle exploration of the possibility of developing human emotion in artificial intelligence. At least it is seductively shot by cameraman Janusz Kaminski. Scott Murray

pay Revenge Body with Khloe

E!, 9.30pm

Khloe Kardashian's lose-weight-and-get-a-makeover show isn't the stupidly spiteful enterprise that the title suggests, but the "revenge body" concept does have its problems. Tonight, for instance, California woman Jill, who put on a lot of weight after she was sexually assaulted, is effectively boxed in to saying that she wants to lose weight to get back at the man who attacked her. Later, a nutritionist directs Jill to forgive her attacker on camera – then tells her to start putting grass-fed butter in her coffee. But the gruelling dance-based workouts of Australian dancer-turned-fitness trainer Simon de la Rue work wonders and the end result brings tears of joy. Tonight's second candidate for corporeal reprisal is entitled Indian student Sukhda, who refuses to walk anywhere because that's what poor people do. Kardashian seems to have a certain sincere interest in the people involved, but little involvement in the process. Brad Newsome

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