What's your emotional make-up?

What's your emotional make-up?

Winter is monochrome, except perhaps north of Brisbane, but we all need to get a dose of colour somehow. Since black, charcoal and blue remain the uniform fashion colours in clothing, especially south of Sydney, that invites the beauty realm to step in and boost some dampened spirits. Nail polish and lipstick are quick ways to brighten the day and Lush is taking it a step further this month with the launch of an ''emotional brilliance colour wheel'' that is designed to spin your way to a personalised colour reading and mood enhancement through word association.

It's basic, really: you spin the wheel and choose three colours that stand out to you at that time. These colours are linked (by Lush) to certain words that then reveal (according to Lush) your current state of mind. ''You then wear the colour to feel the word - you word up,'' says Lush co-founder Rowena Bird. ''It's a brand new concept matching your psychological needs to what colour cosmetic you should be wearing at any moment.''

How are you feeling? ... the Emotional Brilliance colour wheel.

How are you feeling? ... the Emotional Brilliance colour wheel.

The words also match with a particular $24.95 Colour Brilliance product - lipstick, eyeliner or eyeshadow - which are packaged in gorgeous little glass bottles with wand applicators. So, ''Sophisticated'' me (last night, anyway) matched with a warm beige cream eye shadow. ''Passionate'' is a fuchsia liquid lipstick (that will never be me in that colour) and ''Fantasy'' sparkly gold eyeliner (apt - I wouldn't wear it in my wildest fantasies). Bird says: ''I love lipstick but why wasn't one great colour ever enough, why was I drawn to a particular one on different days or even sometimes feel the need to change my colour part way through a day? After chatting with like-minded lipstick junkies, it struck us that it isn't about the clothes we were wearing but more about how we were feeling.''

Lush worked with a strategic behavioural therapist, Lady Kennedy, for the list of words. ''They are words she uses in her therapy sessions to alter perceptions and change behaviour,'' says Bird. ''She specialises in mind care and working on your emotional state, where she takes someone from one state of mind and delivers them in another. The Emotional Brilliance range brings this form of exclusive mind therapy to the high street through the art of colour.''

Do you use colour to enhance mood or change your mood? Do you find yourself, like Bird, drawn to a particular shade of lipstick on any given day? How do you get your colour dose - cosmetics, hair colour or clothes? Or do you have a more prosaic approach? What colours are you wearing - and why?

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