The 2012 Celebrity Apocalypse

The 2012 Celebrity Apocalypse

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Forget the Mayan prediction the end of time is near. Here's a list of people and events that signalled 2012 was indeed an apocalyptic year.


Honey Boo Boo – this spunky, pint size beauty queen wannabe was the break out star of Toddlers & Tiaras thanks to her diet of “Go Go Juice” – a combination of energy drinks and soft drinks and “pageant crack” – powdered sugar in tubes, made her go all “laughy and play-ey and makes me feel like I want to pull my Mommy’s hair.”


Lindsay Lohan – She said she has a lot in common with Elizabeth Taylor which is true in that her entire life is like a car crash and the car just keeps rolling and rolling from one drama to another.


Sandor Earl – One half of “Dorguson”. Earl’s bromance with Canberra Raiders team mate Blake Ferguson made headlines this year with the two Instragramming their “man dates” which included having tea, going topless at music festivals and sleeping in the same room when travelling. The two only met this year however, Earl, who is a tattoo aficionado, made the ultimate BFF commitment recently by getting “#DORGUSON” inked. Image: Instagram.


“#Dorguson” in full flight.Photo: Jay Cronan



Lara Bingle – As a model she’s drop dead gorgeous and probably has the best chest assets in Australia (I can say that because I, like the rest of Australia, have seen them more than I’ve seen my family this year) however as a “personality” she’s more beige than her hair.


Rihanna – Her on again-off again relationship with the man who thought her face was a punching bag is concerning but her new album ironically titled Unapologetic is fantastic. Image: Instagram.


Rihanna recently posted this lonely photo of herself with the caption "Damn....... I miss my n.... #thuglife #BFFlife" Image: Instagram.


Jason Russell – The KONY 2012 creator’s documentary became an online phenomenon, too bad his subsequent meltdown which saw him running around the streets naked hitting things became more famous. Image: TMZ.


Ryan Loche – The US swimming star had a stoush with Olympic officials in London after he was told he was not allowed to accept his medals wearing a $25,000 diamond ‘grill’ in his mouth because it was not apart of the team’s uniform.


Miley Cyrus – The fact she cut her hair almost made the Internet melt this year. Not to mention the controversy surrounding her engagement to and matching tattoos with Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth. Image: Twitter.


Kirsten Stewart – Wearing sneakers on the red carpet, making questionable fashion choices that involved a lot of sheer panels and sleeping with her married director – 2012 was supposed to be her year to shine not be labelled a sl.t.


Brad Pitt – That Chanel No. 5 ad. “It’s not a journey, every journey ends but we go on. Chanel No. 5. Inevitable,” he mumbled inanely and was paid around $6 million for his efforts. Image: YouTube.


KimYe - Considering Kim Kardashian’s new fringe almost caused a melee at an airport recently if Kanye pops the question the world might just self-destruct. Image: Twitter.


"KimYe" - the love story of 2012. Image: Twitter.