Three cheers for cheesecake

Three cheers for cheesecake

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These 10 cheesecake recipes range from the light and easy to the frilly and fanciful.


mko041123.003.001 Food. Cherry Cheesecake. Recipe and food preparation by Stephanie Alexander. Styling by Caroline Velik: cake stand and fabric from Hoard (must credit). Photographed by Marina Oliphant for Epicure/Good Living. Imaging, please do not sharpen. Thanks.Photo: Marina Oliphant


Ricotta cheesecake with poached grapes. Caroline Velik recipes for Epicure. Photographed by Marina Oliphant. Food preparation and styling by Caroline Velik. 080611.Photo: Marina Oliphant


Good Living Bistrodes Coffee Chocolate brownie with cheesecake taken 10th March 2008 SMH, features Pic Natalie Boog styled by Alexia Biggs SPECIALX 80523Photo: Natalie Boog


smh, sydney mag, new restaurants 040827, potts point, yellow house, new york cheese cake pic by jennifer soo/jsz, story by matthew evansPhoto: Jennifer Soo



mko040422.001.016 Cheesecake. Recipe by Brigitte Hafner, Styling by Caroline Velik. Photographed by Marina Oliphant for Epicure. Please do not sharpen.Photo: Marina Oliphant


Strode: The winter winner party thats not really a winter dinner party. Poached pear and mascarpone cheesecake 4th June 2012. Photo: Steven Siewert Styling: Berni SmithiesPhoto: Steven Siewert


smh, good living, recipes with the strodes, surry hills, 090622, pic by jennifer soo/jsz, story by jane and jeremy strode, styled by carol sae-yang honey - banana and honey cheesecake MAIN PIC SUGGESTIONPhoto: Jennifer Soo


smh good living. supplied pic. The Pressure Cooker Recipe Book (Lemon cheesecake recipe)


smh, good living,k easter sweets 050303, greenwich, easter desserts by lynn mullens - russian inspired pudding pic by jennifer soo/jsz SPECIALX 33635 Shows Pashka - a Russian dessert which is essentially a crustless cheesecake.Photo: Jennifer Soo


Good Living Bistrode Australia Day peach cheesecake taken 14th January 2008 SMH,features pic Natalie Boog styled by Alexia Biggs SPECIALX 76944Photo: Natalie Boog