ACT opens voting for new Canberra number plate

ACT opens voting for new Canberra number plate

Are we green and clean? The bush capital? A city of diversity?

Canberrans can now vote for the number plate slogan they think best represents the capital.

The government held a competition for Canberra's new number plate slogan.

The government held a competition for Canberra's new number plate slogan.Credit:ACT Government

The government received almost 2000 suggestions for a new catchphrase after opening submissions in October.


The final 10 were revealed online Thursday morning.

Some of the existing number plate slogans.

Some of the existing number plate slogans.Credit:ACT government

For those who enjoy a play on words, "CBR - Driving the nation" was included.

"Brilliant possibilities", read another. A phrase reminiscent of one of Chief Minister Andrew Barr's favourites - "CBR - Australia's cool capital" - also made the cut. He retweeted a journalist's suggestion people vote for the phrase to "piss of [sic] SYD and MELB".

The shortlist was curated by a judge's panel including 2016 ACT Young Australian of the Year Nipuni (Nip) Wijewickrema, Canberra Business Chamber chief executive Robyn Hendry and Cultural Canberra director Adam Stankevicius.

Mr Barr described the number of slogan submissions as "overwhelming".

"Many Canberrans tapped into their imagination and submitted some interesting ideas," he said.

Social media lit up with new phrases that didn't reach the shortlist.

"Canberra - You Went Here for Year 6 Camp", suggested one Twitter user.

"Canberra: WELL WE LIKE IT!!!", said another.

On Facebook, someone suggested "Canberra - what APS level are you?" while another asked why "Starbucks free since 2008" failed to make the cut.

People can also vote to keep an existing number plate slogan, including the much-maligned "Feel the power of Canberra" and 2015 winner "Age friendly city". Despite the derision, the former phrase has sold out and is currently unavailable, but has not yet been taken off the books. However, it could be soon.

The losing four slogans will be taken out of circulation. The other existing options are "Canberra the Nation's Capital", "Canberra - Heart of the Nation" and an image of Parliament House.


Voting closes February 2. As of Thursday afternoon, "Canberra - the bush capital" was leading the field. "Canberra the nation's capital" is proving most popular among existing plates.

The winners will be revealed in March, and the new number plate slogan will go into circulation later this year.

Emily Baker is a reporter for the Sunday Canberra Times. She previously reported on education for The Canberra Times.

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