Cadet found guilty in Skype scandal allegedly involved in another ADFA drama

Cadet found guilty in Skype scandal allegedly involved in another ADFA drama

A man who secretly filmed sex and streamed it to his peers over Skype was allegedly involved in another ADFA bastardisation scandal earlier this year, a court has heard.

The ACT Supreme Court has been told internal investigators investigated allegations of inappropriate sexual acts by members of a group named “Love of My Life”.

Former ADFA cadets Dylan Deblaquiere, left, and Daniel McDonald, centre, leave the ACT Supreme Court in August after appearing in relation to the ADFA skype scandal.

Former ADFA cadets Dylan Deblaquiere, left, and Daniel McDonald, centre, leave the ACT Supreme Court in August after appearing in relation to the ADFA skype scandal.Credit:Jeffrey Chan

The group - whose members have been suspended from ADFA - allegedly requires cadets in a football team to perform sexual acts on each other as part of an initiation process.

One member of the group is alleged to be Daniel McDonald, 21, who was one of two men found guilty in August of secretly filming sex with a female cadet and streaming it to a room of other male ADFA members over Skype in 2011.


The new revelations of bastardisation within the academy came during sentencing proceedings for McDonald and a second cadet, Dylan Deblaquiere, 20, over the Skype case in the ACT Supreme Court on Monday.

Detective Sergeant Anthony James Crocker told the court of the existence of the “Love of My Life” group and referred to an incident in Garema Place, in the centre of Canberra, which occurred two weeks before the Skype trial.

Sergeant Crocker said he was aware of allegations of bastardisation spanning a period of nine months.

Numerous cadets, including McDonald, have been suspended over the allegations, and Sergeant Crocker said the matter was investigated by the Australian Defence Force Investigative Service, before being referred back to ADFA.

Earlier in the sentencing proceedings, the female cadet at the centre of the Skype case read out an emotional victim impact statement, while sitting just metres away from McDonald and Deblaquiere.

The woman, who cannot be identified, told the court of being bullied and ostracised across the ADF after the Skype case came to light.

She said she had been referred to as “that Skype slut” by other defence force members and spoke of being harassed at every military base she went to after the scandal.

The woman spoke directly to McDonald and Deblaquiere, telling them they had shattered her whole world.

She spoke of her shock, embarrassment, and “pure fear” when she learnt that her sexual encounter with McDonald had been filmed and streamed to others.

“That night ... you stole my dignity, my self-worth, and my self-respect,” she said.

The victim spoke of the aftermath of the incident, saying that unlike the two men, she had not received support from her peers.

The two men had defended their actions in a trial in August, saying the female cadet had known she was being filmed.

But she rejected that on Monday.

“You said that I knew ... that I wanted it to happen,” she said.

“I did not think it was OK, I did not think it was cool.”

She told Deblaquiere that his actions in watching the video from another room were “beyond repulsive”.

“You reduced me to nothing more than an animal,” she said.

The victim spoke of sinking into a deep depression in the months after the scandal.

She said she turned to alcohol, began to cry uncontrollably, and suffered night terrors.

“I was alive, but I was not living,” she said.

“I was barely even existing.”

Defence barrister James Glissan, QC, urged the court not to hand down a sentence of imprisonment to the pair, saying there was no need to deter other members of the community from committing similar crimes, or to personally deter McDonald and Deblaquiere.

Mr Glissan said the extensive media coverage of the case had already shown the consequences of their actions to the broader public, thereby creating a general deterrence.

He said the pair - both of whom were young, had clean criminal records and were described as being of otherwise good character - were also unlikely to re-offend.

But Crown prosecutor Kylie Weston-Scheuber said the two cadets had shown little remorse, as they continued to deny acts that a jury had found them guilty of.

Ms Weston-Scheuber said they had not offered any explanation for why they filmed and streamed the intercourse.


She said their lack of explanation raised questions about whether they had addressed the underlying causes of their behaviour, something that may give rise to further offending.

Acting Justice John Nield will hand down his sentences to McDonald and Deblaquiere next Wednesday.

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