Capital Life, December 6

Capital Life, December 6

Digging deep at Ivy Hill

If you're on the south coast in the coming weeks – and really, why wouldn't you be? – there's an interesting show at Ivy Hill at Wapengo. Artist Craig Cameron has spent the winter months salvaging refrigerator doors, of all things: "After removing the backing, the enamelled metal surface is perfect to gouge and paint with an intricate abstract design. His work has a shimmering quality which changes with the light and the position of the viewer." There are also detailed abstract paintings on board by Megan Payne, showing her connection with the far south coast, as well as wood-fired ceramics by Steve Williams.

Small wonders: Annette Blair - 'Vestige # 2' (a study of domestic relics) from the <i>Small Things</i> exhibition at Beaver.

Small wonders: Annette Blair - 'Vestige # 2' (a study of domestic relics) from the Small Things exhibition at Beaver.

Digging Deep by Craig Cameron, Megan Payne and Steve Williams is showing at Ivy Hill Gallery, 1795 Bermagui Road, Wapengo (midway between Bermagui and Tathra), until January 12.

New face at M16

History repeats: Tracey Benson, <i>Finding the Ghosts of K™ Road</i>, 2014, augmented reality photograph.

History repeats: Tracey Benson, Finding the Ghosts of K™ Road, 2014, augmented reality photograph.

It was a long time coming and happened with little fanfare: the new executive director at M16, started work last week. He's spent the past two years managing design and fabrication projects for Australia's major museums and galleries at Thylacine art and design agency, and has extensive experience in arts management. "Hugonnet suggests that creative companies, embassies, galleries and the education sector would benefit from been associated with M16 Artspace. To discuss possibilities and opportunities please contact M16." Duly noted!

Small Works at Beaver

They're teensy-weensy and they're exquisite – the Small Works exhibition at Beaver Galleries is the result of a large selection of painters, printmakers, sculptors, ceramicists and glass artists rising to the challenge of making small works. It's a sight to behold!

Small Works is showing at Beaver Galleries, 81 Denison Street, Deakin, until December 24.

Scatological artwork: Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran <i>Shithead</i>, 2014, mixed media.

Scatological artwork: Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran Shithead, 2014, mixed media.Credit:Simon Hewson

Melting Dreams at the POD

Artist Payal Sehgal will be showing her organic shapes made from the pages of vintage Women's Weekly magazines, as well as contemporary foreign papers such as The Chronicle, La Fiamma, Greek and Panjabi newspapers.

"Payal's art is about the concept of time, rather, the flattening of time, and she has explored this idea photographically in the past," says the guff.

"The flattening of the newspaper sheets for this project equated to the literal and conceptual flattening of time."

Melting Dreams, by Payal Sehgal, is showing at POD Gallery, Lonsdale Street Traders, Braddon, until December 7.

Angels and zebras

And just in case you needed more arty gift inspiration, remember those Lake George zebras we loved so much? Julie Aston, one half of the husband and wife team responsible for turning the dry lake bed into a veritable safari for a fatefully short time, is selling her trademark angels, inspired by a trip to Mexico, alongside side linen cushions hand-printed with zebra faces at the Kingston Old Bus Depot Markets every weekend this month.

Absent things in Kingston

Artist Arryn Snowball (what a name!) has a new exhibition of paintings and new media works at the Nancy Sever Gallery in Kingston. "Snowball's paintings and new media works are meditations on isolated moments of transient beauty in simple natural phenomena such as sheets blowing in the wind or steam rising from a kettle," says the gallery. "His subjects, while symbols of transience and impermanence, are fleeting traces of the everyday."

Spinning in the pull of absent things, by Arryn Snowball, is showing at Nancy Sever Gallery, 4/6 Kennedy Street, Kingston, until December 21.

Finding Ghosts at Gorman

For a ghostly final show at CCAS at Gorman, Tracey Benson presents photographs of three augmented reality walks she conducted in Dunedin, Auckland and Copenhagen. "Each of these walks explored images of the past by using the augmented reality tool Aurasma to reveal historic images from the specific locations…These walk works continue Benson's focus on place, identity and ongoing interest in layered geographical narratives."

And, for a something that's confronting in a different way, Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran presents One Hung Bitch: Volume II. Oh yes, he does! "Presenting a body of deified dickheads and shitheads through painting and ceramic media, the work is governed by an attempt to present a quasi-spiritual site of phallus worship that addresses issues of queer fertility, misogyny, creation and masculinity. Imagery and symbolism of religion, popular culture, art history, porn and the internet are points of reference and influence."

Finding Ghosts by Tracey Benson and One Hung Bitch, Vol II by Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran are showing at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Gorman House, 55 Ainslie Avenue, Braddon, until February 14 (the gallery will be closed December 20-January 20).

And now for some wholesome Yuletide cheer!

The Luminescence Chamber Singers, with guest artist soprano Louise Page, perform a program of uplifting music for the coming Christmas tide, with "Music of beauty and peace by composers from Praetorius to Sculthorpe".

Tomorrow, December 7, 3.00pm at St Alban's Church, 34 Chappell Street, Lyons. Entry by donation.

Sally Pryor is a reporter at The Canberra Times.

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