Colour choice is white hot

Colour choice is white hot

SOME say red goes faster but if this is true it seems most Canberrans don't choose their car for speed.

ACT car owners prefer their vehicles to be white, though silver and blue vehicles are still popular choices in the territory.

White car owner Blake Fenwick with his white Ford Focus, the most popular colour for cars in the ACT.

White car owner Blake Fenwick with his white Ford Focus, the most popular colour for cars in the ACT.Credit:Richard Briggs

Car registration statistics provided to the Sunday Canberra Times show that while there are 82,126 registered white cars there are just 27,752 coloured red.

And those who drive a mustard-colour car share their individual thinking with only 52 other motorists.


There are more than 1800 purple cars registered in Canberra and 256 vehicles are pink.

NRMA Insurance research manager Robert McDonald said motorists were now favouring light-coloured cars that provided better visibility.

''White is the new black,'' he said.

''You're even seeing white Ferraris, which is quite different to the norm.''

Mr McDonald said research conducted by the organisation into the safest colour for visibility on the road found collisions were more likely to occur with dark coloured cars.

He said the safest colour choices were white, yellow and red.

Worst for visibility are dark greens and blues, which blend into the rural landscape around Canberra, and silver and grey, which get lost in the colour of the road.

He said motorists who drove darker cars should use their headlights as soon as dusk began and not wait until they could not see before they switched them on.

Gordon resident Blake Fenwick said while colour was an important consideration when he bought his car, a 2008 Ford Focus, he was more focused on the size, price and make.

And though he did select a light-coloured vehicle it was not for safer visibility.


''I chose white because it was a more durable colour … it's also easier to keep clean,'' he said.

The statistics show that the most popular car by make, model and colour is a white Ford Falcon (3076), followed by a white Holden Commodore (2990) with a white Toyota Corolla (2356) motoring into third place.