'Here comes the big fella': Kangaroos speed down Canberra street

'Here comes the big fella': Kangaroos speed down Canberra street

It's not unusual to look out your office window and see traffic speeding down the street.

But it is unusual when the traffic takes the form of about 15 kangaroos, as it did outside Matt Bailey's Canberra office on Tuesday.

Mr Bailey captured video of the mob bouncing down Strickland Crescent in Deakin, and the 19-second clip has since captured the world's imagination.

It shows the kangaroos crossing the road and heading off around the corner as Mr Bailey's colleagues voice their shock in the background.


"Here comes the big fella," one of them remarks as a large kangaroo, trailing the rest of the mob by several seconds, hops straight down the middle of the road.

"Get off the road, dumbo," she exclaims.

As of Friday, the video has been viewed more than 2 million times and shared across the globe.


Mr Bailey said he often saw kangaroos around the area, but not in the numbers shown in the video.

"We some around here from time to time, but not what you would call a mob," he said.

"I didn't see them at first. One of my colleagues who sits facing the window said, 'Here's a mob of roos', so I got the phone ready and there they were, coming out of the trees."

Mr Bailey said he had been blown away by the reaction to the short clip.

"I didn't post it with any intentions other than sharing it with friends and family on Facebook," he said.

"It wasn't until one of my friends asked if I could make it public so she could share it with friends overseas that it took off."

The video comes as increasing numbers of kangaroos move into urban parts of Canberra to look for food and water as a result of the drought and cold weather.

It also follows revelations last month that ACT rangers are being called to a record number of crashes involving kangaroos.


ACT Parks and Conservation director Daniel Iglesias told Fairfax Media in July that there were likely to be more than 4000 kangaroos killed in crashes on ACT roads this year, after 2634 reported incidents in 2017.

Farmers have also described the scale of the kangaroo problem as being "in plague proportions".

ACT Rural Landholders Association president Tom Allen said last week that extraordinary numbers of the animals have been breaking fences to access farms, where they are competing with stock for the limited grass and crops drought-stricken farmers have left.

Blake Foden is a reporter at the Sunday Canberra Times. He has worked as a journalist in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

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