'Messenger of God' who thought his mother was the devil saved from 20-years jail

'Messenger of God' who thought his mother was the devil saved from 20-years jail

A Canberra man found not guilty of killing his mother would have been jailed for 20 years if not for his mental impairment.

The ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal will on Friday decide if Gabor Laslo Aranyi should stay in Canberra jail or be released into the care of a mental health facility.

The proceedings will be held in a closed hearing and the outcome will be kept private.

Aranyi suffered severe mental health problems for more than two decades, and was almost totally dependent on his carer and mother, Hungarian-born Ottilia Aranyi, 75.

The pair lived together in at their Yarralumla home, where his mother managed his medication and support for his illness.


But Aranyi strangled his mother to death after she pestered him to go to an appointment with a mental health service on April 2, 2012.

He left her body lying on the kitchen floor and did not call an ambulance for almost seven hours.

Aranyi was found not guilty because of mental impairment earlier this month, with a number of reports showing he suffered delusions of grandeur and persecution, hallucinations and serious disturbances of thought, all consistent with paranoid schizophrenia.

Aranyi had believed he was a messenger of God, and that his mother was the devil.

His fantasies were fuelled by cues such as the colour of his mother's car, seeing the 666 ABC Canberra frequency displayed on the radio, and the belief he could influence events, both human and natural.

The ACT Supreme Court on Friday finalised legal proceedings against the 34-year-old Yarralumla man.

As part of that process, Acting Justice John Nield was required to indicate what sentence would have been imposed if Aranyi had been found guilty of murder.

Acting Justice John Nield said on Friday the deceased woman had sought help from the ACT mental health system one day before she was strangled.

The judge said the tragedy was it was her wish he get treatment that caused her death.

He said his best estimate of the sentence he would have imposed if Aranyi had been found guilty would be 20 years jail.

“Clearly it was a serious act, but it was the act of a man suffering a serious mental illness,” Justice Nield said.