Motorcyclist dies in hospital

Motorcyclist dies in hospital

The ACT has recorded its first road fatality in more than a year, after the death last night of a 23-year-old motorcyclist.

Stewart Orme, from Kaleen, died in Canberra Hospital after suffering head injuries in a fall on Tidbinbilla Road, near the Point Hut Crossing intersection late on Saturday.

Stewart Orme, pictured here on a visit to his sponsor child, posted online in November 2009.

Stewart Orme, pictured here on a visit to his sponsor child, posted online in November 2009.Credit:via Facebook

According to police information supplied yesterday, he had been riding with a friend when he appeared to lose control of his Yamaha on a right-hand bend.

Police have confirmed that Mr Orme died in hospital about 7.55pm last night. The collision is being investigated.


A post on a blog last night described the man as a keen photographer with enthusiasm for the outdoors.

"The 23-year-old son of my best mate has tonight lost his life from an accident that, in a car, would barely have spilled the driver's coffee," a post on Australian Photography said.

"Witnesses say it was at generally low speed. Turning left off a country road onto another road, for reasons the police have not been able to ascertain, he has ended up going off the road and hit a pole.

"Even a helmet can't always prevent brain trauma. When they swell up, there's nowhere for swelling to go. He never regained consciousness, but his family had to watch him losing the battle for a day and a half."

The post accompanied a warning to all motorcyclists to be "really really careful", and to take "carefulness to all new heights".

"So totally devastated tonight it is beyond comprehension," the blog said.

"I watched that kid grow up, took him camping, four-wheel-driving, abseiling, and went rock-climbing with him every week for quite a while. He was even quite a budding photographer."

Friends of Mr Orme have taken to social media with their grief, mourning his death.

"Wish i could see you smile, just one last time," Ces Trungrove said. " of the best guys i know."

Another friend lamented Mr Orme's premature loss via Twitter.

The last fatality on ACT's roads came in March last year, when an 18-year-old motorcyclist succumbed to injuries sustained in an Isabella Plains accident.

That death, on March 29, came at the end of a horror month for the territory which included four deaths in less than three weeks.

Motorcyclists accounted for half of the ACT's six road deaths in 2011, and one in three of the fatalities in 2010.

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