Multicultural Festival performers taken to hospital suffering burns

Multicultural Festival performers taken to hospital suffering burns

A fire performer at the Multicultural Festival has been transported to the Canberra Hospital, suffering burns to the throat, after an incident on Saturday afternoon.

The person was one of three people involved in a Polynesian dance act that were transported by ambulance to hospital after the incident, which happened just after 3.30pm

One of the performers suffered burns to the throat, while the other two sustained burns to their skin.

No members of the public were injured in the incident.

Festival organisers have stopped all entertainment acts involving fire for the rest of the event.


A spokeswoman for the Community Services Directorate said the ACT government was aware of the incident.

"I am aware that emergency services have treated and transported three persons, following an incident at the National Multicultural Festival, to the Canberra Hospital," she said.

"ACT Policing are aware of the incident and the relevant agencies have been notified."

Worksafe ACT commissioner Greg Jones said inspectors were on the scene and were working with the police to determine what had occurred.

Mr Jones said an investigation had been set up into the incident.

"Worksafe are investigating the incident in cooperation with ACT Policing, and at this stage it's in early stages," Mr Jones said.

"We will be talking to festival organisers in terms of risk assessments for these sorts of acts in the future."

Elliot Williams is a reporter for The Canberra Times

Andrew Brown is a journalist at the Sunday Canberra Times. Andrew has worked at the Canberra Times since 2016.

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