Richardson woman 'threatened, assaulted' lesbian partner during four-day ordeal

Richardson woman 'threatened, assaulted' lesbian partner during four-day ordeal

A Canberra woman allegedly choked and beat her lesbian partner so brutally she coughed up blood after escaping a violent four-day ordeal when she was confined to a bedroom and repeatedly assaulted.

The alleged victim told police the woman had cut her finger with a Stanley knife and threatened to kill her after the pair argued over alleged infidelity in February.

The woman, 26, was granted bail on strict conditions in the ACT Magistrates Court on Monday.

The woman, 26, was granted bail on strict conditions in the ACT Magistrates Court on Monday.

The Richardson woman, 26, faced the ACT Magistrates Court charged with forcible confinement, choking, threatening to kill and seven counts of assault.

She has not yet entered pleas.


Court documents said the two women had been involved in an on-and-off romantic relationship for five months and often stayed together at the defendant's home.

They had argued for several hours after the woman accused the alleged victim of cheating on her before punching her in the back as they lay in bed the night of February 10.

She said to the accused, "you need to stop hurting me or I'll have you charged", to which the woman is alleged to have replied:

"But I'm a female so it's OK."

The accused then took the woman's phone and refused to give it back, striking her on the leg and back before allegedly saying, "I'm gonna kill you. I'm gonna dig a hole and put you in it."

She produced the Stanley knife and threatened to stab the alleged victim in the eye before cutting her finger.

A few days later, the pair allegedly argued at the house again and the accused choked the woman until she felt unable to breathe.

She then threatened to hurt the alleged victim before telling her she wasn't allowed to leave.

The next day, the alleged assaults continued when the woman punched her in the chest and head-butted her before saying: "I'll kill you, you betrayed me.

"You promised you wouldn't leave me. I'll drive a car through your house."

Soon after, the pair fought after the alleged victim demanded to leave the house. The accused allegedly grabbed the complainant by her shirt collar and threw her onto the bed before punching her in the face.

The alleged victim eventually managed to pull a fly-screen off a nearby window before she jumped out and fled.

Once outside the house, she coughed up some blood.

The woman reported the incident to police, who noticed swelling on her cheek, a cut on her finger and blood on her neck.

She complained of chest and back pain and said she was having difficulty breathing, police said.

The woman initially declined to give a statement but later took part in a family violence evidence in chief recorded interview.

Police arrested the accused on Saturday.

Prosecutors opposed her bail application in court on Monday on grounds the woman would likely reoffend, endanger the complainant's safety or interfere with evidence.

Her defence lawyer said several of the woman's family members had died in the past year and she was dealing with grief and ongoing mental health problems.

From the witness box, Constable Alan Duong gave evidence the alleged victim was frightened and feared for her safety when she spoke with police.

He said he would hold fears for her safety if the alleged perpetrator was released from custody.

Magistrate Robert Cook said the allegations were serious but noted the accused had no prior convictions for violent offences.

He believed the prosecution's concerns could be managed with strict conditions she not contact her ex-partner.

She was released on bail.

The case returns to the court's family violence list on March 28.

Megan Gorrey is the Urban Affairs reporter at the Sydney Morning Herald.

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