Modern Melbourne

Modern Melbourne

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We look back at Modern Melbourne Images as published in The Sunday Age.


Modern Melbourne # 1. Centre Place, Melbourne.Photo: Craig Sillitoe


MODERN MELBOURNE # 2 Warm Autumn weather at Elwood Beach. "With Melbourne enjoying possibly the last gasps of summer I headed for the popular bayside beach of Elwood to find people lapping up this Autumnal warm spell. After treading the sand shooting the usual seaside antics I decided to hangout at the beach kiosk where I spotted Alan Jones resplendent in his pith helmet eating an icypole. Soon after positioning myself and composing the picture the girls in bikinis came walking by and the picture was taken. "Photo: Justin McManus


MODERN MELBOURNE #3 Piccante Cafe in St georges road north fitzroy . City of Yarra workers at front is Nathan Rao and behind Stephen Burgess. "nathan rao was starting work just up the road he works in the north fitzroy area is a council worker for city of yarra . Piccante cafe has regulars that get their coffee there every single morning at this time it has speacials for tradies & workers alike who often arrive pre-dawn"Photo: Meredith O'Shea


MODERN MELBOURNE#4 Painting works to Citylink artwork at the start of the Tullamarine freewayPhoto: Joe Armao



MODERN MELBOURNE #5 German tourist Marvin Brinkman makes the most of a magnificent Autumn day in Melbourne by serenading his friend Kirra Liu in their Grand Hotel apartment in the city. 11 April 2012.Photo: Paul Rovere


MODERN MELBOURNE # 6 Southern Cross Station at Docklands.Photo: Craig Abraham


Modern Melbourne. # 7 Mural, corner of Mater & Wellington Sts Collingwood. 17/03/2012Photo: Craig Sillitoe


MODERN MELBOURNE #8 Pelicans enjoy a warm May day at Brighton overlooking Melbourne. May 10th 2012.Photo: Angela Wylie


MODERN MELBOURNE # 9 Dog. A snoozing man and his dog found in Flinders Lane, Melbourne. 25th January 2012.Photo: Angela Wylie


MODERN MELBOURNE # 10 . Abseiling building inspectors scale the iconic neo gothic Manchester Unity skyscraper in the Melbourne cbd. 11 May 2012.Photo: Paul Rovere


Modern Melbourne # 11 view from Travancore Park Travancore.Photo: Craig Sillitoe


MODERN MELBOURNE #12. Aimee Lu seeks shelter from the bracing wind skipping off the water at Docklands. 5 June 2012.Photo: Paul Rovere