Video: Townsville man cooks egg in frypan left by pool edge

Video: Townsville man cooks egg in frypan left by pool edge

A man showed off how hot it was in Townsville this week after he cooked himself an egg in a frying pan left on a pool's edge.

Mike Wearne, 27, had returned home from his job as a support worker for adults with disabilities on Wednesday to work on his comedy side-project, a travelling dinosaur puppet show.

"I got back home, started working on the kid's show and I went 'It's too hot to do anything, I am going to have a beer in the pool', which ended up turning into another beer and another beer and I thought, 'I'm hungry, it's pretty hot' so I wonder if I'll be able to fry an egg in the frying pan."

Mr Wearne said he had left the frying pan by the pool for about an hour before he started filming a video of the egg cooking about 2pm, which has been viewed more than 132,000 times and shared by 2200 people.

"Normally at this time of year it is incredibly humid," he said.


"There was very little wind at all that day which is why the egg was able to cook."

The egg took just seven minutes to cook, enough time for Mr Wearne to add some "character" to his performance.

"I was putting on a little bit of character after 10 beers; obviously saying 'fliparooni' is not in my everyday vocabulary," Mr Wearne said.

"I've also got into a bit of trouble for using a steel spatula in a non-stick frying pan, and my response to that is 'Mate, I was on about beer No.10 by the time I was doing that'."

So will there be another breakfast with Mike video on the cards?

"If I had a dollar for every time I heard bacon in the last few days, I would be able to retire I reckon," Mr Wearne said.

"I might have to get some rashers of bacon and see how that goes."

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