Steadily moving to gender equality

Steadily moving to gender equality

The senior levels of the public service have continued to steadily move towards gender equality, with the number of women working in executive and senior executive roles drawing closer to parity with the men.

In 2012, 39.2 per cent, or 1091, of the senior executive service (SES) managers in the Australian Public Service were women, according to a new report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Of the executive level (EL) managers, 46.5 per cent, or 19,560 were women.

The ratio of women to men in management levels of the public service has been increasing steadily over the past 10 years, with data showing in 2002 women made up just 28.3 per cent of SES managers and 35.8 per cent of EL managers.

The public service fares significantly better than the top 200 ASX companies, where the ranks of executive managers was dominated by men, women making up just 11.5 per cent of the top workers in 2012.

The number of women employed across all industries improved marginally in 2012, with females making up 45.3 per cent of the work force, compared to 45.1 per cent in 2011.

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