'Superhero' Jack Power remembered in moving farewell

'Superhero' Jack Power remembered in moving farewell

Jack Power's family remembered the young boy as someone who helped others.

Jack Power's family remembered the young boy as someone who helped others.Credit:Eddie Jim

Like Clark Kent, 10-year-old Jack Power took to the school yard with special superhero powers hidden under his blue and red primary school uniform.

They weren’t the kind of powers that let you fly, though, his teacher Kali Fraser said, possess superhuman strength or have x-ray vision.

Jack’s super powers were far more important than that. They were in his ability to show care and compassion.

On Friday, about 400 of his closest family and friends paid tribute to a boy they say taught them how to be better people.


Jack was killed after he was allegedly struck by a van as he crossed a Blackburn North road on August 18. He'd been out for an afternoon walk to buy food with his six-year-old sister Steph and a 12-year-old friend.

Matt Power spoke movingly about his son.

Matt Power spoke movingly about his son.Credit:Eddie Jim

The young boy's father, Matt Power, said through life and now death, Jack was still helping others.

“Life as we know it will never be the same but one thing’s for sure Jacko-boy, I will always talk about you, I will treasure all of the great memories we shared but most of all, I will always, always love you mate," he said.

"Seven others have now been given a second chance at life through your organ donation."

The service heard heartwarming and cheeky stories about Jack’s battle to win a soft teddy from a claw machine for a young girl he’d just met, to combating bullies on the basketball field and to rid his online gaming community of swearing and name-calling.

Jack's grandmother, Lyn Kosmer, said the most difficult part now was knowing they'd never again see the youngster sit under the Christmas tree to open his presents on Christmas mornings.

"I don’t live very far from Jack’s school so Jack and Steph would often walk home to my place, and if Bonnie had a late meeting they would stay overnight," she told the service.

"Jack actually loved that because I’d serve him his after school snacks, while he played his favorite game Fortnite on the big screen, all while sitting in my favourite chair and being treated like a king.

"That’s what grandmothers do, and I loved it."

His mother, Bonnie Power, remembered her first-born as her special little guy who always went out of his way to make sure other kids felt included in both playtime and classroom activities.

Jack's mother Bonnie Power

Jack's mother Bonnie Power Credit:Eddie Jim

She said her greatest wish now was for children and adults to consider what they could do to make the world a better place as the family began its campaign to raise awareness of road safety.

“You were the perfect child in every way, and I’m so glad I constantly told you how much I loved you and how proud I am of you. I can see from the stories that you were a little leader, you made sure everyone felt included and you were so kind,” she said.

“You will be missed by so many my darling Jack, you have left a huge hole in our community, but we will never forget you.

"Your legacy for leading by example will live on.

“I hope the memory of Jack Power – and all that he stood for – will come into everyone’s minds every time they start their car.”

As young children wiped away tears they should never have to shed, Jack's kind nature showed it was already shining though as the kids held each other's hands for support throughout the emotional service.

And when Jack's coffin, adorned with his favourite computer game characters, was led away, his friends stood as part of the guard of honour and filled the sky with bubbles.

“Many of the students with special needs at our school identified Jack as being someone who was kind to them, understood them and made the effort to include them,” Ms Fraser said.

“Many students have commented that when they felt down, it was Jack who was able to put a smile on their faces.

“Jack’s demonstration of our school values, in particular care and compassion, will be his legacy to Croydon Hills Primary School and he will never be forgotten."

A GoFundMe page has been setup to help kick start the Power family's road safety campaign.

For more information visit gofundme.com/in-memory-of-jack-power.

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