Ten Facebook pages that will get Melbourne talking

Ten Facebook pages that will get Melbourne talking

Melburnians are finding creative ways to share what they love about their unique city on social media. Whether having a giggle at some of our worst parkers, funniest fences or hunting for Melbourne's best vintage treasures and tastiest chicken parmigianas, these are the Facebook pages we think will get people talking.

1. Sh-- brick fences of Melbourne

At first, badly constructed brick fences may seem an odd subject to document around our fine city yet Steve* couldn't stop noticing them. He mentioned it to friends.

"People would then complain that I had them now distracted by something inane that they'd never bothered to think about," he said.

He then made a Facebook page so he could distract us all and has attracted more than 20,000 likes since April.

Steve thinks there is something quintessentially Melbourne about his page that features photos of brick fences with witticisms about each.

"The size of the suburban block, the strange insistence we have here in demarcating our plots, the proliferation of brick veneer houses in the seventies, and you can't get away from it but our Mediterranean friends gave us food, friendships and bricklaying in abundance," he said.

You'll never look at a brick fence the same way again.

(*not his real name)


2. Melbourne's Crap Parkers

We've all had a bad parking moment but perhaps not quite as bad as some of these drivers. The page, created by two Melbourne university students, has nearly 100,000 likes and is constantly updated with photos sent in from Melburnians shocked at the lack of parking prowess of their fellow road-users.

3. Lost Melbourne

Take a virtual walk down Melbourne's memory lane with photographs of 'forgotten Melbourne'. Browsers are encouraged to add their own memories and together share their city's history.

4. Abandoned Melbourne

Celebrating urban exploration, this page captures the beauty of abandoned spaces in Melbourne through photographs and videos. Just don't ask for locations.

5. Ticket inspectors in Melbourne

Drivers are now told where speed cameras are so is there anything wrong with sharing where ticket inspectors are located? This page also recommends "buying a myki".

6. Humans of Melbourne

Humans of New York, the page that features photographs and accompanying short stories on Big Apple residents taken on the city's streets, has attracted 5.5 million likes and inspired copycats around the world, including Melbourne's very own, created by photographer Kannagi Bhatt, who describes it as a "photographic census of Melbourne."

7. Street art pages

Some cities declare war on street art, Melbourne declares its love with a number of pages dedicated to documenting the city's best, including Melbourne Street Art, The best of Melbourne Graffiti, and Graffiti and Street Art Melbourne

8. Melbourne photography

Social media sites are providing local photographers with online gallery space, with pages such as Melbourne Street and Melbourne Brought Me Here showcasing beautiful shots of Melbourne and Warren Kirk's photographs of Melbourne's western suburbs attracting plenty of well-deserved attention on Flickr while The Age's award-winning photographers work can be seen here.

9. Op shops

Any avid op-shopper will know there are your good second-hand stores and your bad. Melbourne's Vintage Clothes and Op Shops, and Melbourne Op Shops and Vintage Treasure take some of the hard work out of tracking down the city's best bargain buys.

10. Melbourne Chicken Parma Connossieurs

This page's parma reviewers rate the pub menu staple based on four categories - quality, size, price and sides. Where is the best parmigiana sold? Let the debate begin.

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