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Western Australia

Carmel school kids key into life's facts early so they understand how to progress with their community.

How identity and culture paved the way for WA's only Jewish school's success

Carmel became WA's top private school for 2018. Students and teachers believe the reason it's doing well comes down to its celebration of a collective Jewish identity.

  • by Dakshayani Shankar

Opinion & Perspectives



PEXA is an electronic conveyancing service for the real estate sector.

WA government's PEXA sale money bound for Metronet projects

The state government will use $185 million from the sale of its stake in Property Exchange Australia for Metronet projects including the Morley to Ellenbrook train line.

  • by Hamish Hastie
The lobster plan has caused controversy.

'He's done a good job': McGowan backs Kelly's lobster plan

Mark McGowan has backed Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly's western rock lobster plan but was unable to say how cheap lobster lovers would be able to buy them for. 

  • by Hamish Hastie