Yanking my chain: bikie blasts Milperra TV series

Yanking my chain: bikie blasts Milperra TV series

The television series about Sydney's infamously bloody bikie war in the early 1980s is full of errors and lazy stereotypes, according to a former senior gang enforcer who lived through the Milperra Massacre.

Former sergeant-at-arms of the Comanchero then the Bandidos, Caesar Campbell, told Fairfax that Network Ten's series Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms was a joke.

''It's bullshit, too many mistakes,'' he said.

Campbell's ''old lady'' Donna Campbell was similarly livid at the network's portrayal of their role in the bloodshed.

Six motorcycle gang members and a 14-year-old female bystander were killed as tensions between the Comanchero and the Bandidos exploded on September 2, 1984.


Campbell, 66, said the show was ''all upside down and sideways'', while Donna said they were swamped with calls and text messages from supporters sharing their outrage. A litany of factual errors, big and small, including incorrect chronology of events, characterisation and motives upset the couple, with Campbell particularly miffed the show had him riding a ''bloody sprung bike when I had a rigid.

''They just got things wrong,'' he said. Campbell was jailed for seven years following the bloody shoot-out at Milperra's Viking Tavern that saw two of his brothers killed.

He survived being shot several times.

But apart from errors in the story telling (Campbell also complained that the actor playing him is ''about a foot shorter''), his biggest complaint was having to relive the events of that fateful day.

''I felt really bad for mum, she had to go through all this again,'' he said.

Campbell was disappointed the show's producers did not consult them for accuracy.

''They didn't even want to talk or meet us. I think they put this show together with little effort,'' he said.

Bikie Wars is based on the book Brothers in Arms by Lindsay Simpson and Sandra Harvey and produced by the same company that brought infamy to the small screen with the popular Underbelly series.

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