Heritage madness

Heritage madness

The architecturally significant Flynn Primary School cannot obtain a heritage listing, but we can't enjoy the Sculpture Garden restaurant at night because the present tent is 25-years-old and is thus heritage-listed. Yes it's madness but is there a method?

Ros Drover, Kaleen


Damon Young's championship of authors and artists who decline the Queen's honours deserves our support (''Honour? Thanks, but no thanks'', February 13, p13). Why? In a word - ''self-colonisation''.

Scottish writers use this expression to describe how the debilitating loss of their national independence occurred under the dominating and all-pervading power and influence of the empire that grew from the 1707 union of England over Scotland.


Bryan Lobascher, Chapman


Joe Hockey asserts that Wayne Swan exerts no influence over the banks. When Hockey becomes treasurer, can we look forward to the Crimes (Getting Back at Bankers) Bill 2013 expressly providing that all bank chiefs must be put in the stocks in a public place so that mortgage holders can throw eggs at them? I expect nothing less.

Val Barrett, O'Connor


The ANZ has put up interest rates, which will predictably make Wayne Swan very, very angry. Instead of the contrived histrionics, Swan could actually do something by allowing Australia Post entry to the banking business. This would introduce real competition, a world the customer-gouging big banks have never seen. Of course, Swan won't do it.

Thos Puckett, Ashgrove, Qld


Sorry, Ian Warden (''Music to a late bloomer's ears'', Forum, February 11, p14) Beethoven was born in Bonn in 1770, not 1790. The actual date of his birth is not known but it is recorded that he was baptised on December 17, 1770. I'm sure you would enjoy such a discrepancy on your birth certificate!

Ian Trethewey, Yarralumla


Although I am hesitant about correcting anything written by Robert Messenger, the famous Peter Sellers piece Balham, Gateway to the South ends with the words ''Honey's off, dear'', not ''Spam's off, dear'' (Times 2, February 10, p2).

Ted Richards, Denhams Beach, NSW


If the Speaker, Peter Slipper, aspires to sartorial elegance, he should learn to tie a bow tie rather than sporting what looks like an oversized made-up one.

Peter J.A. Evans, Garran

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