Canberran Rebecca Wiasak wins gold at World Championships

Canberran Rebecca Wiasak wins gold at World Championships

Tearful Rebecca Wiasak made a stunning debut at the Track Cycling World Championships near Paris on Friday, winning the women's individual pursuit.

The 30-year-old Canberran was Australia's oldest ever world championship debutant having finally made the team after missing out narrowly at the Commonwealth Games and World Championships last year.

Bec Wiasak is set to make her world championship debut at the age of 30.

Bec Wiasak is set to make her world championship debut at the age of 30.Credit:Graham Tidy

But having finally been given her chance, Wiasak seized it with both hands.

In the qualifying round she broke the Australian national record by 0.6sec and then in the final, she destroyed American Jennifer Valente by 3.5sec.


It was a great day for the Aussies as Amy Cure took the bronze medal, beating the reigning champion Joanna Rowsell of Britain by almost 3.5sec.

Rowsell seemed well off the pace all day having also been beaten by the record-breaking Australians in the team pursuit on Thursday.

But it was Wiasak's day and she said she had been inspired by seeing her team-mates win gold in a world record.

"I've dreamed about this alongside my four teammates who are here and I saw them win gold yesterday and put the rainbows on, and I really wanted that to be me," she said.

"I felt very much a part of it but I wasn't on the podium with the girls and they all believed in me and had so many kind words of support over night.

"I was definitely a part of it yesterday and I really wanted to stand on the top step. I've done all the training to be there."

Wiasak added: "I knew I was in form and had to really believe in myself and while it was really disappointing yesterday, the girls definitely inspired me with their win.

"I think I cried for three of the four kilometres there on the track (Thursday) and then for a lot of the podium presentation afterwards.

"I almost held it together while I was standing there up top but my team-mates and the Australians were looking at me and I did, I lost it a little bit there. A few tears were shared but it's such a proud moment."

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