50 ways you know you're from Canberra

There are some things you only get if you've lived in Canberra - and we're not talking about an extra layer of blubber to survive our arctic winters.

Living in our much-maligned capital lends Canberrans a certain sense of solidarity.

You know you've lived in Canberra when ...

1. You'll do almost anything to avoid paying for parking.

2. You don't like "crossing the lake" to the o

ther side of town.

3. You can understand TLAs (three letter acronyms).

4. You can easily navigate a roundabout, even if you are unsure of how to use your indicators.

5. You hate the city being used as a euphemism for federal parliament.

6. You have a favourite holiday spot on the south coast.

7. You either own a Lycra outfit and an expensive bike, or you think cyclists should get off your roads.

8. You've lodged an objection to a development in your suburb.

9. You think the Multicultural Festival is the Best. Thing. Ever.

10. You claim you were at the Nirvana concert at the ANU in 1992.

11. You've arrived at the bus terminal way too early to get the best seats on the early morning Murray's to Sydney Airport.

12. A winter coat is not optional.

13. You also find puffer vest jackets an acceptable item of clothing to wear.

14. You've had at least one heated conversation with someone over who has the best coffee: Lonsdale Street Roasters or ONA.

15. Your idea of 'celebrity spotting' is more likely to be of the Kim Carr variety than a Kim Kardashian.

16. You've mentally read out 'LANE ONE FORM' at least once.

17. You know 'going bush' doesn't necessarily mean leaving your suburb.

18. Your favourite eatery is nowhere near Civic.

19. The word 'football' can mean at least four different sporting codes.

20. You've eaten Chicken Gourmet at 2am.

21. You've felt the power of Canberra.

The Feel the Power of Canberra number plates are still available.

The Feel the Power of Canberra number plates are still available.

22. You have a deep-seated love of IKEA.

23. These guys were once your heroes.

24. You watched the Canberra Cannons play in the Palace.

25. You know who Mr Fluffy is.

26. You've heard, and spread, at least one rumour about an affair involving a federal politician.

27. You barely flinch when the quiet of your early morning wheelie bin collection is broken by the roar of a propane burner 40 ft above.

28. You've defended the city from a Canberra-basher.

29. You followed the Canberra Raiders when they were sponsored by Woodgers and played their home games interstate (at Seiffert Oval).

30. You know you need to start studying when you see the fluff.

31. You don't turn on the heaters until Anzac Day.

32. You miss the BirdMan Rally, but you'd never willingly jump into Lake Burley Griffin.

The crowd at Regatta Point watching the Birdman Rally in March 1987..

The crowd at Regatta Point watching the Birdman Rally in March 1987..

33. Also, you know not to eat anything from the lake, or throw anything back.

34. You've done both autumn leaf angels and snow angels in your front yard.

35. You have a passionately held view on Skywhale (and all public art), one way or another.

The Skywhale flying over Canberra.

The Skywhale flying over Canberra.

36. You know how to pronounce Manuka.

37. When you get stuck behind people driving side by side doing 65km/h in an 80km/h zone every other day.

38. You can spot an ADFA cadet out of uniform.

39. You lament if anything is further than a 20-minute drive away.

40. You are willing to sit through the snow at a Raiders game.

41. You've hit, or at least had a near miss, with a kangaroo on a suburban road late at night. You've also had one turn up in an unexpected place.

42. You know what a booner is.

43. You are disgusted when you find yourself part of the city's 20-minute peak "hour", but will wait an hour to get a Brodburger.

44. You know the Monaro means a road and not your car.

45. You're accustomed to the plumes of smoke and the smell of burning rubber as visitors drive past EPIC on the first weekend in January.

46. You know to plant your sweet peas after St Patrick's Day and your tomatoes after Melbourne Cup Day.

47. You know the best time to go "downthecoast" is March when the water is warmest.

48. You get more annoyed than excited when there are visiting royals and presidents because they close down the roads.

49. You also get frustrated visiting royals and presidents do the same tedious things every time they visit, perpetuating the dullest images outsiders have of the city.

50. Despite all of this, you can't imagine life anywhere else.

What would you add to our list?