Social media users slam rapper YG for harassing women at Spilt Milk

Rapper YG performing in Los Angeles last year. Photo: Jonathan Moore
Rapper YG performing in Los Angeles last year. Photo: Jonathan Moore

According to social media users, American rapper YG allegedly demanded that female fans expose themselves at Canberra music festival Spilt Milk on Saturday.

Festivalgoers have voiced their outrage, describing his behaviour as sexist and misogynistic. Fans claim he demanded women "show their titties" otherwise he would not continue his performance.

23-year-old Taylor Jackson was in the crowd at the time, and has since voiced her experience of the set on the Spilt Milk Facebook page.

"Halfway through his performance he said: 'I don't leave any of my shows without seeing some titties. Everyone get your titties out.' And then he got his team up on stage and they started chanting it and chanting it," Ms Jackson said to The Canberra Times.

He then went on to criticise women's bodies in front of the crowd.

"He turned around and said: 'What is that?! Those are mosquito bites.'"

The worst part of it for the young Canberran was witnessing those around her being hurt by his demands, and "nobody intervening".

It's not the first time the performer's behaviour has upset fans.

At an all-ages gig in Brisbane last June, he demanded that women flash their chests, and then made more derogatory "mosquito bite" comments. Facebook commenters noted that YG had made similar demands at a Sydney gig the week prior.

The Spilt Milk organisers have since deleted a post of YG on their Instagram captioned: ‘The man. The legend’ and issued the following statement:

"The comments made by YG on stage were not ok. When this behaviour goes unchallenged, we are part of the problem, not the solution. We thank the courageous people who have voiced their feelings, so this disrespectful and predatory behaviour is exposed for what it is.

"We apologise that our stage was used in this manner and for not becoming aware sooner. YG's comments in no way reflect the values of Spilt Milk and contradict our goals of a safe and inclusive space for all attendees. We can not, and will never, control an artist’s performance, but we will continue to focus our bookings on forward thinking artists that share our values.

"To anyone who takes part in this discussion, please consider that many people experience this and other types of predatory behaviour daily. Take the time to listen, learn and be part of the change."

For some fans, this statement came too late.

"Surely the festival organisers would have known about his behaviour before including him in the line-up," Ms Jackson said.

Her post on the Spilt Milk page also received abusive comments, which have since been deleted.

"I got some pretty nasty comments from guys, calling me a bitch, telling me to shut up, to drink bleach and to hang myself," Ms Jackson said.

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