Seven bikies deny punch-up in a Canberra club

Seven Canberra Comanchero members have denied charges of affray after a punch-up in a Canberra club in January and will face hearing over the allegations later this year.

Jaymie Leam Turner, 29, Sosefo Kauvaka Tu-ata Katoa, 25, Pitasoni Tali Uluvalu, 47, Sugimatatihuna Bernard Gabriel Mena, 20, Taniela Fukaafolaniimoa Tai, 33, Penaia Tuineau, 35, and Palei Samiu Maifelemi, 26, appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court on Friday for a mention over the charges.

Prosecutors will allege the seven bikies were involved in an affray at the Southern Cross Club Vikings on January 18 this year.

Police used surveillance footage to identify the men involved in the alleged incident, which allegedly included Mr Uluvalu, a man police say is the commander of the gang's ACT chapter.

Court documents describe the seven men allegedly connected to the Comanchero allegedly intimidating four Nomads who were sitting in a restaurant booth.

The Comanchero allegedly approached the Nomads at various moments and exchanged words, at one stage preventing the group from leaving the booth.

One Comanchero poured out a bottle of beer onto the Nomads table and then flicked the remnants in the direction of one of the Nomads, causing a lemon to fly across to another table.

There is some push and shove by various members of the group, and one man is allegedly punched in the nose.

The alleged victim denied knowledge of what happened when contacted by police. But he called another member in prison and their phone call was recorded.

"We had a big night, went out to Southern Cross Club Vikings," he said.

"Yeah I couldn't get out of the booth so I had four f--kin' cracks on me and I was a bit out dazed from the first one," he said.

"Nothing I could do ... f--k I'm blowing my nose it's full of snot," the alleged victim said.

"At least it's not blood," the other man offered.

"Yeah it is full of blood as well. Hasn't stopped bleedin'," he replied.

He said one of the other bikies had put his nose back into place the night before.

The five day hearing is set down to begin on October 28.