Canberra Times cartoonist Geoff Pryor drew hundreds of pictures of Bob Hawke

Geoff Pryor was The Canberra Times' cartoonist from 1978 to 2008, and saw Bob Hawke's political career from beginning to end - first in the poky press gallery of Old Parliament House, and later at the newly built house on the hill.

Not surprisingly, Pryor's collection of Canberra Times cartoons - now held at the National Library - contains literally hundreds of drawings featuring Hawke.

Pryor said Hawke, with his silver coiffure and craggy features, was "a caricaturist's gift".

"He had any number of features on which you could hang a caricature," he said.

"His eyebrows, his hair, his mouth - he was dead easy to draw.

"Part of my work was being able to impart his personality, which was also easy - he had a degree of vanity, and he was larger than life."