Every finalist a winner

Great excitement, prestige, success.

What business doesn't like those accolades from their customers.

Nominating was as simple as filling in the coupon in-store or online at the Local Business Awards' website.

Businesses could also self-nominate to show their staff how much their efforts were being valued.

"We have received thousands of nominations for businesses in over 30 categories, particularly via our website," Precedent Productions managing director and Local Business Awards founder Steve Loe, said.

"We all say thank you after we've been served in a shop or other business but nominating a business that offers outstanding service is a way of thanking those people in a tangible way that can make a very big difference to their lives.

"Most business owners, managers and staff work hard and often go above and beyond to help their clients and customers.

"We reap the benefits of their efforts, which can make our own lives happier and easier in many ways.

Sometimes it's as simple as a friendly smile and sympathetic ear from the staff in a shop that lifts your spirits when you're having a bad day.

"Or it may be a supplier who works tirelessly to ensure an urgent stock delivery reaches you on time."

Mr Loe said that the high quality of the Canberra Region finalists came as no surprise.

"After more than 30 years of running the Local Business Awards, I know that businesses in the Canberra Region are adaptable and hard-working," he said.

"They always put their best foot forward and ensure that their customers receive outstanding products and service.

"That is why it is also unsurprising that the Canberra Region community throws its support behind those businesses both during the awards period and throughout the year.

"While there can only be one winner in each category, as far as I am concerned every finalist is a winner."

Numerous times over the years, Mr Loe has been told by Local Business Awards nominees how much it has meant to them that customers or clients have made the effort to reward their efforts by nominating them.

Every finalist in the Local Business Awards receives a certificate while category winners receive a trophy.

Being a finalist or winner in the awards also brings the benefits of publicity and even additional business, as customers view a Local Business Award finalist certificate or winner's trophy as a sign that they will receive exceptional goods or services there.

These certificates and trophies will be displayed with great pride in shops and offices, meaning that customers and clients will be impressed that they are dealing with an award-winning business.

Customers can support these finalists and winning businesses with peace of mind that they can shop there with confidence.

The winners are announced at the prestigious Local Business Awards Gala Presentation Evening attended by local business people, sponsors and dignitaries.

(Tickets are only available to finalists and sponsors).

If you need more information about the Canberra Region Local Business Awards, please see the website at thebusinessawards.com.au/about.

Good luck to finalists.