Summerfield's residents opened up

Summerfield residents opened up the club house and other accommodation to those in need during the bushfire crisis.

Summerfield residents opened up the club house and other accommodation to those in need during the bushfire crisis.

With the completion of their second stage of homes, Summerfield Constructions in Braidwood were proud to invite guests and the broader community for open days over the Australia Day long weekend.

This was to showcase their beautiful new homes which are available for purchase, and the team at Summerfield says they have been causing a real buzz in over 55s communities across the east coast.

"At over 180sqm the homes represent excellent value compared to homes in Sydney and Canberra, where in Canberra you would expect to pay $900,000 and Sydney would be upwards of $1.3m," says Summerfield Constructions' development director Adam Carter.

"Our newly-built stage 2 homes all come with high quality finishes such as Enclosed Patios, 6.6kW solar power, ducted air-conditioning, stone kitchen bench tops," he continued.

"However, different to a traditional leasehold over 55s estate or retirement village, all the homes [at] Summerfield are all freehold title and don't come with ghastly entry or exit fees," he said.

"When you sell your home you keep all the proceeds; one of the many reasons our buyers loved when purchasing in Summerfield".

Mr Carter says the luxurious stage two homes start at $585,000, and are located only a leisurely five minute walk from the main street of Braidwood.

Summerfield itself is positioned on a rising north facing site, adjacent to the Braidwood hospital which is undergoing a $50 million upgrade and also surrounded by never to be built out heritage protected farmland.

"There is a significant amount of infrastructure spending happening right now in Braidwood as well as a burgeoning population growth rate - two key ingredients for long term property capital growth".

"With all the excellent resort styled facilities now completed, our existing 35 residents are extremely happy and really love the community atmosphere.

"We have a number of homes available to buy and move in now, and we have also started construction on our next 12 homes in our Stage 3 which are available for sale."

Summerfield residents help fire fighters and victims

Residents of Summerfield helped those affected by the ongoing bushfire crisis when they "opened up the club house and other accommodation very early on to those who needed help as well as individual residents having those affected with the fires stay with them," said Tim Wright, owner and director of Summerfield Constructions.

Additionally, "Summerfield residents have been contributing in cooking and other activities for the fire fighters and other support groups," he said.

"The fires have seen communities all over this country band together to help where they can with the fires. While all segments of our communities are impacted, the impact on the elderly can be great, from those who may have lost their homes to those who suffer badly from the smoke and air quality, and those who do their best to shelter friends and family and provide support in every way."