Climate comfort for Canberra homes

Quality Gas Solutions offer high quality, reliable lifestyle options in the heating, cooling and hot water industry.

Quality Gas Solutions offer high quality, reliable lifestyle options in the heating, cooling and hot water industry.

During winter it is so important that we are able to warm up our homes, enjoy a hot shower and maintain a comfortable home environment.

Steve and Matt from Quality Gas Solutions said they, "Understand the stress and discomfort that Canberra's freezing cold winters and unbearably hot summers can cause. That's why we are on a mission to bring climate comfort to all Canberra homes with high quality, affordable and reliable lifestyle options in the heating, cooling and hot water industry."

Here are some tips to help you keep warm this winter:

Why is it important to service your gas appliance (hot water, heaters, log fires, gas cooktop, gas ovens etc.)?

"To make sure it's working safely and efficiently and reducing your bills," Steve said. "It also helps to prevent breakdowns and avoid unexpected issues during winter."

When is the best time of the year to do this?

"In Canberra, we all know the rule of thumb is to not turn your heater on until Anzac Day so in order to beat the winter rush, we recommend booking in your service as soon as possible. You want to be prepared for winter before the season hits," Matt said.

"Think of having your heater serviced like an insurance policy, it's better to maintain your system which will avoid preventable repairs. It's about being proactive, rather than reactive to save you money in the long term and so that you don't get caught out this winter."

What benefits will we see after a service?

"Peace of mind that your unit will be working at its optimum in regard to efficiency and safety," Steve said. "There may be a potential increase in efficiency which means a warmer home and a lower energy bill.

"It's important to get duct repairs done as you want to be heating your house and not your roof space or underfloor space.

"You should also get a carbon monoxide safety check - to eliminate any possibility of gas leaks from cracks in the heat exchanger which is detrimental to your health and your wallet."

My heater needs replacing, how much would this cost?

"There are a lot of different factors which affect this including the size of your home, the type of heater e.g. space/room, decorative log fire, flue or flueless, ducted with zoning or without zoning etc," Matt explained.

"It's best to contact Quality Gas Solutions so we can come to your home and find a solution specific to your family, your home and your budget. We will send you a no obligation, free quote for your consideration."

Quality Gas Solutions service, repair, install and change over many hot water options including storage electric, storage gas, continuous flow gas and solar hot water.

They are registered with the ACT Renewable Energy Program so they can work with you to ensure you have an energy efficient system.

Quality Gas Solutions is also partnered with Brighte to offer affordable payment plans so that you can achieve a sustainable and comfortable home regardless of your current financial situation.

For more information visit or call 0434 157 839.