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Far from help is not far from hope

Real support: There are over 100,000 children living in rural and remote Australia in need of mental and developmental support.

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As Australia heads into a welcome spring, there has never been a more profound time to ensure the health and happiness of our future generations.

Bushfire, drought and an unforeseen pandemic have disrupted all our lives in 2020, but none so much as some of our most vulnerable citizens - our children.

Dedicated to improving the health of rural children

Since 1924, Royal Far West (RFW) has been dedicated to providing kids living in rural and remote areas of Australia with the care they need, but otherwise couldn't access. Their mission is to ensure country kids can realise their full potential, no matter where they live.

RFW's programs deliver services and support through Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Social Work, dietietics, dental services, intellectual disability support, and parent support workshops.

With over 100,000 children living in rural and remote Australia in need of mental and developmental support, there has never been a more crucial time to support RFW's cause.

A complimentary partnership

As part of RFW's Spring Appeal, telco Pennytel have pledged to match donations up to the value of $10K for a two-day Matched Giving Campaign.

They are also committed to raising awareness for the charity for the whole of their Spring Appeal.

As a telco provider to many remote areas of Australia, Pennytel aims to give back to these communities and can think of no better way than supporting the health and wellbeing of the children living within them.

Pennytel's company values align with the work RFW has been doing for nearly 100 years.

Children are our future, and identifying mental and developmental challenges early means positively altering their life trajectory.

The means to deliver

RFW continues to deliver care across service boundaries using the latest technology to ensure no community is out of their reach.

One of the ways they do this is through their globally recognised Telecare for Kids program.

Sessions conducted via video-link with RFW's team of highly skilled clinicians enables kids in rural and remote areas to access specialised paediatric health and developmental care, no matter where they live.

All clients require is a good internet connection, computer with a camera, microphone and speakers.

Pennytel, as an expert in telecommunications, particularly in remote and regional Australia, is a perfect ally for the interests of RFW and their clients.

Support for a brighter future

Stronger together: RFW and telco Pennytel, will come together this Spring to support Australia's rural kids and ensure they meet their full potential.

Pennytel's commitment to regional Australia is well known.

The telco uses parts of Telstra Mobile Network that covers more than 98.8 per cent of the population with 3G and 97.9 per cent with 4G providing exceptional coverage.

Access to great coverage is only part of the story as Pennytel deliver great deals of up to 30GB in data at affordable prices so important video appointments can be kept no matter where you live.

As the great work of RFW continues this spring with the support of Pennytel, the future of our children has never looked brighter.

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This is advertiser content for Pennytel.